Mr. Skelly Demonstrates Patience and Poise

Mr. Skelly feels welcome at Midwood

By Rachel Choe ’17

As a new member of  the hive, Mr. Jonathan Skelly began teaching this semester, here at Midwood High School. Mr. Skelly finds that physical education, and fitness in general, has played a significant role in  his past, present, and future.

In the past, Mr. Skelly seemed to perpetually be involved with athletics and physical fitness. According to Mr. Skelly, he played football during college; he was also a physical trainer before teaching physical education. Although this is his first year teaching in Midwood, Mr. Skelly previously taught at The Urban Assembly School for Law and Justice.

“The difference between my old school and Midwood is that here, it feels more like real life because it’s so diverse,” said Mr. Skelly. “This school is much bigger, and there’s more students; it’s almost like the real world.”

Although this is his first year teaching at Midwood, Mr.Skelly is no stranger to our school. He is a coach for the varsity football team and this will be his fourth year. Mr. Skelly teaches physical education and has faced no obstacles, except time managementment.

“This year, with the coaching and teaching, it’s hard to manage time since I get home late and wake up early to come up with lesson plans,” said Mr. Skelly.

Diana Razhap ’17 said, “I love how Mr. Skelly shows the proper way of doing an exercise. He demonstrates in front of the class what exercise we’re doing for that day, what muscles are being used, and the cautions of each exercise.”

Razhap also stated, “Unlike my other weight training classes, Mr. Skelly actually watches the kids and helps them improve throughout the period.”

According to the CDC website, 15.2% of high schools students had not participated in 60 or more minutes of any kinds of physical activity on any day during the seven days before a survey. As a result, schools can promote physical activity, intramural physical activity clubs, interscholastic sports, and physical education.

“Mr. Skelly gives us a lot of notes, but he makes it fun to go to class. He puts on music and gets us working on those exercises,” said Stephanie Chowdry ’17.

Mr. Skelly said, “I love sports and educating people about fitness.”

Whether it’s coaching a team or standing in front of a class, teaching health and fitness is what he likes best about his job and will continue to do so in the future.

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