Marching Band Displays Exemplary Talent

MarchingBand NOV.jpg

By Alexander Tushivhvilli ’17

Music resonates through the football games again, with the return of the marching band after an eight year hiatus.

Directors Melissa William and Daniels Jordan took on the role of the many responsibilities that carry throughout the band. The band performed at many games, all to show school pride and spirit. The band consists of over 100 students, and they all learn why being in such an eclectic band can help strengthen them as time progresses in their high school years.

Kortini Chung ’18 said, “Ms. Williams taught me that being in the marching band allows us to accomplish something greater than ourselves.”

By being in the marching band, students feel at home in the music environment because they all share a common talent or belief.

Students such as Anissa Ulmasoca ’18 think that the marching band is a great experience to meet new people.

“I’ve always wanted to be part of something that I would be known for,” Anissa Ulmasoca ’18 said. “Without the trumpet section of the marching band, the band sound would feel empty, there would be no ‘brassy’ parts to the songs.”

Due to such a variety of sounds and pitches, the marching band can be visualized as a building being built. Like all buildings or major construction projects, they require a base or a foundation.”

“I like to think we offer the volume of the band, we are the base and the lowest sounds,” Mr. Daniel Jordan, who specializes in the brass section of the marching band, stated. “We also offer a very rich sound, full of rich harmonic series that can be heard over a fundamental note.”

Mr. Jordan continued, “When everything’s center and everything’s right, for some reason, brass music almost takes on a sound of its own.”

“I think [the] marching band and athletic bands in general get the opportunity to play for an audience that we wouldn’t normally see in a concert setting,” Ms. Melissa Williams, director of the New York All-City Marching Band who specializes in reed instruments, said. “Being a part of the marching band can really contribute to the overall school culture and community here at Midwood.”

Ms. Williams continued, “I saw hundreds of smiles, which makes me even prouder to be a part of something so huge.”

“Music is very important for other kids, certainly for me if I must say,” said Ella Redmond ’19. “It can provide some guidance to some kids and playing the instrument can be the highlight of someone’s day, it certainly was for me.”

In addition to the marching band, there is a beginner band class for students not currently in the marching band.

“It’s really exciting!” Ms. Williams said. “All I see is so much potential in the future, and it will only get better from here.”

Although it is only Ms. William’s first year in directing the band at Midwood, many highlights will ensue, such as the many planned concerts.

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