Girls’ Soccer Wraps Up Season

Girls Soccer

By Salma Ali ’17 and Peter Grabowski ’17

It was a bittersweet ending to a successful season on October 24 for the Girls Varsity Soccer team and their senior class. 

Although their season ended in a defeat in the playoffs, the team was proud and supportive of each other for even making it that far.

“I feel as if this season everything I’ve worked for the past four years really came together. We had great players and a strong team chemistry. Tasting success breeds more success and these girls wanted to win,” said Ms. Kendra Lane, the girls soccer coach.

This year’s team has nine graduating seniors. They provided leadership roles and experience to pass on to the younger players.

“I have been on this team for the past four years and this has by far been the best season we’ve had. We had great chemistry that helped us move forward from the loss we dealt with last year,” said Maya Mendonca ’16.

Adelina Ishkayeva ’17 said, “I learned a lot from this year’s seniors, not just in skill but in being a leader on and off the field.”

According to Ms. Lane, the seniors were a solid part of the team, and they all helped carry the team individually and thinking about the team without them is hard to do, but the younger players will continue to get better.

“The seniors made me feel so welcomed in the team and I can’t imagine being on the field without them because they became my family,” said Darcy Montana ’18.

Despite their achievements this season, the team suffered some setbacks. Multiple starting players on the team were injured.

“It was hard to recover and move forward from having so many of our starters injured. We had to find a way to recreate the flow and chemistry on the field,” said Shamiwanah Walkes ’16.

Isabel Learis ’18 said, “Being injured was really hard because all I ever wanted to do was get on the field with my team but I knew I wasn’t able to. Tearing my ACL didn’t just affect me, it affected the whole team because players had to learn to play a position they weren’t comfortable playing and it changed the flow of the game. The support from the girls helped me stay positive and I’m so grateful.“

The girls soccer team pulled through all the hardships and managed to stay positive and supportive throughout the season and ended with the best record they’ve had in years.


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