Room 345 Makes Computers Available To Classes

Computers in room 345

By Andrea Albayeros ’17

Technology is a major necessity in today’s generation, that’s why having new computer rooms in our school will benefit many students. Room 345 is officially a computer room that has open to classes since October 3.

    New York State gives Dr. Ernest Pysher hardware money to use every year, and this year it was used to get computers for room 345. The computers were ordered by using NYSTL funds, so the room could get started immediately.

The importance of computers and technology is like the importance of air said Dr. Pysher. Knowing how much technology affects us all, Dr. Pysher was in control of making room 345 a computer room.

   “I moved the old equipment out, rewired the room, laid the cat 5 cable and plugged in the switches. I ordered the computers and oversaw the put down,” said Dr. Pysher. He also explained how he was able to do this so students and teachers could have an official computer room for their classes.

    The kind of software on the computers is the department of education Image, Microsoft office, internet, and deep freeze (a program that deletes anything put into the computer when you reboot to stop viruses)

     Even though room 345 is filled with PC computers right now, those are only to start it off. Dr. Pysher will be making rooms 345 and 480 into Mac labs next term. We have a grant from our councilman Jumanne Williams that will be making turning both rooms into mac labs possible.

    Though room 345 won’t be open to students unless they are in a class, it’ll still be a helpful room for classes to go to for big projects or anything involving a computer. To be able to have a class in room 345 teachers have to go to Ms. Thomas to make an appointment.

Room 345 has already been used for art and literature classes, ELA classes, yearbook, English common core classes and many others.

Mr. Kraszewski said “There are many reasons why I like to use room 345, one reason, it allows students to collaborate work on google docs, you can have four students collaborating at the same time.” He continues saying, “the school can access Brooklyn College databases and many students don’t have access to the internet at home so this allows them to be on the same page at once.”

Teachers like the versatility of the computer lab because it offers a an alternative way for students to learn the material.

Mr. Carter said,”The collections we’re using offer videos next to the text. These are supplementary materials students can use if they are having difficulty in their classes.”

         Students use technology at home for everyday school work and in their general everyday lives. Infusing technology into the classroom creates a learning atmosphere that is is more relevant to students’ lives.

“I think the computer lab offers another medium for students to expand the curriculum,” said Mr.Carter. “Students, especially students in 2015 enjoy using computers.”

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