Big Sibs Offer Advice To Younger Students

By Mohammad Khalid ’17

Big Brothers and Sisters are welcome to sign up for an amazing opportunity to help others in the Big Brother Program on Mondays and Wednesday in the library after 10th period. This program is offered every semester so new students can apply. Freshmen and sophomores are welcomed to get any additional tutoring from juniors and seniors. In addition, big brothers and sisters get an opportunity to help younger brothers and sisters succeed and pass their classes.

According to Ms. Marguerite Allen, “Big Brother and Sisters get the chance to learn leadership.”

The program is intended to build leadership and prepare students for the future. Ms. Allen said that students receive tutoring, mentoring and additional help. Ms. Allen hopes that students will have better grades, a mentor and someone to ask help from. In this program, little brothers will have a chance to learn more in subjects such as english, math and science. Also, little brothers can benefit in classes by doing better on test and classwork.

Daniel Rebibo ’16 added, “I learned patience and great communication in this program.”

This program teaches skills that may or may not be taught anywhere else. Rebibo said that at the end of the semester it gave him a sense of accomplishment. Max Miloslavsky ’17 said that it was a great learning experience.

“This is a great way for students to help other students understand topics that their teacher teaches them,” said Max Miloslavsky ‘17.

Students get taught by juniors and seniors subjects that they may not understand in class. This is a way for them to better understand and increase their average in class. Big Brothers and Sisters have an excellent opportunity to prepare for colleges.

On the other hand, freshmen and sophomores also have the advantage of going to this after school program. “I have seen an improvement in class and the program helps me with my homework,” said Gerry Fetus ’19.

This year Fetus joined the Big Brother Program. He hopes to continue this program and said that in the future he would want to become a Big Brother. He recommends the program to other freshmen and sophomores because he thinks that other students will benefit and their grades will reflect it. In addition, he hopes that other students will come and get help in different subjects.

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