New Microsoft Program to Certify Skills

By Jeffrey Cheuk ’17

Teaching the new Microsoft Office IT class, Mr. Leschillejren is educating juniors and seniors on how to use Microsoft Office programs.

The newly renovated computer lab in room 345
The newly renovated computer lab in room 345

According to Mr. Leschillejren, the Microsoft Office teacher, “The course provides students a leg up when they enter the workforce.”

It’s not only because students learn how to effectively type documents and create power points, but also because students in the class can get a certificate that shows they are skilled at using Microsoft Office.

“It’s not good enough to say that you are proficient in Microsoft Office in your résumé, you need proof,” said Mr. Leschillejren.

Mark Krauze ’17 said that he wants to get a better understanding of computers so he can use them more effectively.

  However, while everyone in the class will get a certificate, Mr. Le-schillejren said that only the top eight or nine students in the class will be able to take a unique exam to get a special certificate. The exam is taken in a Microsoft building, not in school. These certificates are more professional and give more credibility to the holder as a result.

“Unfortunately, we can’t have everyone take the exam because it would cost too much,” Mr. Leschillejren added.

Each lesson begins with an agenda that tells students what they will be learning and has a character oriented activity for them to complete. Mr. Leschillejren said that a lot of the work is done in class because not everyone in his class has internet at home, and he puts a big emphasis on seeing his students grow and learn.

To get into the class, everyone had to have a good grade in all of their subjects, and they had to be selected by their guidance counselor beforehand. Mr. Leschillejren added that only 45 students can get into the class.

Not many schools in New York have this program.

“Only a hand-full of schools are doing this. Midwood is a model school in that regard. Other schools look up to us because we’re doing something new,” said Mr. Leschillejren. He also said that Principal Michael McDonnell wishes to expand the program and give each of the classes a different Microsoft Office program to focus on.

Wilderson Decayette ’17 said, “I learned that you can use technology to do many things like writing online journals and even creating websites using simple software.”

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