Up-and-Coming Filmmakers Produce Art

Noran Abo-Donia Texture Town
Kayla Morales ’17 Texture Town

By Jenna Palme ‘17

Future filmmakers are getting the chance to spread their wings in Ms. Elizabeth Bouiss’s Advanced Media Film class.

Students ranging from tenth to twelfth grade are making short films of about three to eight minutes in Ms.Bouiss’s class.  The students are set into production groups of about three to five people, and are able to use advanced editing software, Adobe Premier, to make the projects as clean as possible. These groups get to experience various components of producing a film.

According to Ms. Bouiss the project is multidimensional, as the groups can choose from a variety of genres and topics to focus on.  Ms.Bouiss spoke on how the groups will implement almost all aspects of production including: posters, a website, shooting, and editing.

“The proposals really range,” she said; there’s one film about the Mets but also others that go more in depth with teen issues.  The groups had freedom to choose what they wanted their film to be like, but they’re also responsible for it outside of school where most, if not all, of the shooting will be done.

In some cases, like that of Leighton Sterling ’19, the shooting will be done in Midwood because his group’s theme is peer pressure in school.

Reem Hassan ’17 and her group are working on a film

that deals with the stages of grief, “Ms. Bouiss gives us rules to follow, but she lets us be creative when it comes to our projects.”  Her group is focusing on what causes grief to happen, such as school stress, relationships, and peer pressure.

The groups each have one producer whose job is to make sure the group is on task and working to their full potential.  The producer’s folder will be the only one getting checked, so they have to make sure everything is organized.  The groups will be required to make posters and brochures for their films and once they’re done, and the films will be posted on the Elizabeth Bouiss Teacher Channel on Youtube.

There are two different skill sets in the class; some students have yet learn to use Photoshop yet, as they’re younger so they are matched with those who have taken that course, so every group has a mixture of skill sets so the students can bounce ideas off one another.

Some students in the class Ms. Bouiss has had since freshman year.

“I love seeing their growth.”  Ms. Bouiss said.

Students are extremely enthusiastic about their films. “It’s really interesting, we get to use new tools and gain firsthand experience in film,” Sharleen Pasha ’17 said about the project.

“It’s really interesting to incorporate many different cuts and sounds into the movie,” Sterling finished.

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