Bernie Sanders Eager To Make Changes

By Noman Ahmad

The only candidate in the upcoming 2016 presidential election who is willing to make the necessary changes to this nation that will impact the majority of the United States of America’s population is Bernie Sanders.

“The way to make change is if millions of people stand up to the millionaire class,” said Sanders in his closing remarks of the Democratic National Debate hosted by CNN on Oct 13.

Our Country is the highest in economic inequity where the top ten percent own as much wealth as the bottom 90 percent, and that 57 percent of the economy is going to the top one percent according to economic statistics. His main goal as president would be to stabilize the economy.

The frauds that wrecked Wall St. have to bail out the economy and help the middle class according to Sanders. His views are absolutely accurate as 90 percent of our population is middle class society and his mostly affect the middle class.

Sander’s said, “Ever since Bush left office, 800,000 jobs were being lost every month, and it appears that republicans have amnesia as to this.” Sanders believes in bringing back millions of jobs that were lost as a result of the presidency of Bush.

His plan of attack to stabilize the economy is to create millions of jobs, raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour, and to make public colleges and universities tuition free.

Bernie Sanders does not view himself as a pacifist, he said “War is an only last resort,” but he did not hesitate to also say that “I’m prepared to take this country to war if needed.”

Sanders wants to focus on the real issues in America. Issues that if resolved will benefit us in the short and long term. Climate change and global warming are issues that he says, “If we do not take care of now, our children and grandchildren will be in an earth that’s uninhabitable”. He plans to transform the energy system from fossil fuels to sustainable energy.

Regarding the real issues in America, he wants to focus on racism. He says “Black lives matter,” in a country where that is better said than done. He wants to make reforms in a broken criminal justice system where there are more people in jail than any one nation in the world. He wants to focus on education and jobs for the youth rather than creating jail cells, as in America we have the highest rate of child poverty according to the Washington Post.

Sanders is a self-proclaimed democratic socialist. He explains his form of socialism due to the unprecedented crisis. His form of socialism says that its wrong for the top ten percent to own as much wealth as the bottom 90 percent and have so much economic inequity. If democratic socialism gives the middle class of our country the political, social, and economic right they deserve for the past 40 years then Bernie Sanders is the best candidate for the 2016 presidential election.

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