Science Department Welcomes New Teacher


By Chelsea Allamby ’16

In the hype of the new school year, there’s new beginnings for not only students, but for teachers as well. The new addition to the science department, is Mr. Stokes who teaches both living environment and forensics.

His “welcome” to the school wasn’t pleasant because he caught a virus on his usb.

“My A.P. [Assistant Principal] did warn me about viruses on the computers in the school, but I didn’t think it would happen to me,” said Mr. Stokes

Then without a warning he received a message from the hijacker after inputting his usb that “he has caught a virus and here’s what you have to do to get rid of it.”

The virus affected his computer at home as well, which affected everything from music files to personal files.

“Months of work was gone,” he said.

This  all  resulted  in  him   using   his   own  laptop instead, because after that whole disaster he’s scared to use the school computers.

“Lesson learned there are viruses out there that’ll ruin your files,” said Mr. Stokes.

Even though there are screwups out there, that doesn’t ruin his outlook. In the classroom he has a strict cell phone policy in his classroom and timeliness definitely matters.

If a student is late to class there’s a late log book waiting for him or her to sign their name.

Once class has begun it is straight to work where clear instructions and directions are given to students.

One day for his 8th period class, Forensics, they were lifting fingerprints with magnetic dust and chemical iodine. They’re given a demonstration then it’s off to work.  He pushes students to practice if they’re stressed out.

“Some students come self-motivated, but to help students from feeling discouraged I give students chance to re-do their homework,” said Mr. Stokes.

“My best moment in my teaching career was getting through to one of my a headstrong, stubborn student, who I tried to help push him to work harder.” He continues, “He came back to me in the 10th grade telling me that he realizes what I was trying to do.”

“Everyone around me are teachers, including my father and mother, so that’s why I wanted to become   a  teacher.”

He also used to be a journalist at the northwest corner of Alabama where he was apart of the town newspaper for five years. He would cover articles about politics, economics and community news.

For the rest of the year, Mr. Stokes looks forward to trying to fit into the school community, where he can contribute.

Furthermore, possibly getting involved in clubs as in being a leader. He mentions that they are trying to start a hydrology club which involves rainwater, pollution and more.

“I’m not to sure of the details of the club, but it’s something they’re working on.”

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