Hornets Explore Renaissance at Met Museum

By Anna Truong ’16

Students of the Art and Literature class were able to spend a day in The Metropolitan Museum of Art on October 7. After third period, students met with Ms. Catherine Kaczmarek in room 155. The chaperones on this trip were former English Assistant Principal, Ms. Janice Pumelia, a parent, Mrs. Sanzone and former guidance counselor, Ms. Maura McGovern.

“This is my first school trip in high school,” said Connie Zhu ’16. “I think it’s great how we were able to use the things we learned in the classroom and engage them in real life.”

Upon arrival to the museum, students stored their belongings in lockers and were divided into three groups. Focusing mainly on the Renaissance period, the groups looked at paintings and were able to see how this period progressed in its ideas and techniques.

Brandon Primo ’16 said, “Before I saw the paintings, I always thought that these were low quality and hazy. When I actually saw them in real life, it was unbelievably realistic and sharp. Looking at the paintings were like looking in the past, it gave me a new perception of beauty.”

Students and chaperones were guided around the European Paintings section of the museum and engaged in conversation about the different styles of painting. They analyzed how the time period impacted the art pieces and discussed where the artists drew their inspiration.

“It was informational and interactive since the tour guides knew the material well,” said Maggie Wu ’16. “It exposed me to different periods of art as well as gave me insight to the backgrounds in which some famous artworks were created.”

Maura Lima ‘16 said,” It made me realize that a painting is more than just a painting. There is a story behind each artwork and they all differ in the way they show emotion and ideas.”

On the tour, the guide asked many questions which allowed the students to think outside of the box. Students were also able to view a painting by Artemisia Gentileschi, a famous Italian painter they were studying in class.

“When we saw a painting by Gentileschi, it allowed for a greater understanding of the book we’re reading,” said Wu.

Overall, this trip was beneficial and provided a visually stimulating learning experience. It allowed students to go beyond the classroom and explore the paintings they learned about.

“It helped me appreciate art in a more visceral level than before,” said Wu.

Komal Zahid ‘16 said, “This helped me better understand the aspects of art that Ms. Kaczmarek was trying to teach. Now that I have more knowledge, I will be able to participate in more class discussions.”

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