Homecoming Commemorates 75th Anniversary

By Nahian Chowdhury ’16 and Anna Truong ’16

Victory did not grace the Hornets at this year’s homecoming football game. Despite a stellar start and an extremely close game, Midwood lost 22-24 against Susan E.Wagner High School. Although the game was not a win, the Hornets’ spirits remain undaunted.

  “I think it was a great game, both teams played hard but the other team had more plays,” said Mr. Jonathan Skelly, the Offensive Coordinator. “ Our team did very well, they definitely played their hearts out.”

Daniel Edwards ’16, wide receiver, said, “We learn from our mistakes in each and every single game we play so we know what we need to improve on.” 

The game started off with a parade commemorating Midwood’s 75th anniversary. Students, teachers, parents and members of the marching band gathered in the yard across the school and were led along the streets from the Annex to the field.

“I thought the parade was really fun,” said Selen Ergin ‘16. “I felt the positive energy and pride of being a Hornet. It truly defines how diverse Midwood is and how we all came together to support our school and team.”

Powerful and crisp sounds from the instruments of the marching band could be heard roaring down the streets as members of the community looked on. Leading the parade were Senior Vice President Max Miloslavsky ‘16, Mayor Zain Chamoun ‘16 and Senior President Gabrielle Wilks ‘16. The trio held a banner that said, “Midwood High School at Brooklyn College Marching Band, Brooklyn, NY.”

“The banner was really heavy, and I should get gym credit, but I really thought the parade demonstrated our school spirit and showed that we’ll always be Hornets, regardless of what happens during the game,” said Miloslavsky.

Upon arrival to the field, students took their seats on the bleachers and were able to purchase snacks, drinks, t-shirts, and hats from the stand operated by parents who volunteered to show their support. Loud music and “Let’s go Midwood, let’s go” could be heard throughout the bleachers as the game began.

“The parents were really respectful and professional. They should be awarded for volunteering to help out their child’s school,” said Ergin. “I had a chance to speak to one of the ladies that was cooking and she explained how her son was playing in the game and she didn’t even have a chance to see him in action.”

Seniors were introduced by their number and as each player walked through the arch formed by the cheerleaders, their families, friends and fellow Hornets yelled out their support. This was the second to last home game for this year’s seniors.

“You learn a lot of things when you play the sport,” said Amir Schmaib ‘16, who plays center position. “I am grateful that I got the opportunity to be on a team like this one. No matter the outcome, everyone on the team has created a strong bond which is what holds us together as a unit.”

Edwards  said, “It feels weird , I feel like I’m growing up. Just the other day I was a freshman, so time is flying in my eyes.”

After a few minutes of push and tug, Hornets opened the game with the first touchdown by Carl Colas ‘16 . The crowd erupted in applause for what seemed to be an auspicious start.

“It was a college-like atmosphere,” said Casey Boston ‘16, the quarterback. “A lot of students and parents came out to show support. It was great.”

During halftime, the bleachers resonated with applause for the performances of the marching band and the cheerleaders.

“I thought the marching band did an amazing job considering it was their first year back,” said Jose Chery ‘16.  “The cheerleaders also did a great job.”

During the last quarter, Wagner High School led with a close 22-24. In a nerve racking battle, Wagner High School took home the trophy.

“The audience gave their loudest cheers and the team tried their hardest. Even though they lost, we had good spirits and that is all that matters,” said Amanda Wang ‘16.

Susanna Cheung ‘16 said, “Even though we didn’t win, I’m glad that our boys tried their best. It was my first time going to our school’s homecoming game and I don’t regret it one bit.”

Although fans were supportive regardless of the outcome of the game, the players themselves feel as though they could have performed better.

“Our game plans are usually brilliant. We do our best to really watch films and understand our opponent,” said Edwards. “I personally thought that we should have scored on our first 4 offensive drives, so losing that game really affects not only myself but also the whole team.”

Schmaib said, “I think it was the toughest game so far this season, we got a lot of penalty flags due to the lack of focus. For us seniors, it definitely hurt losing but we all have short term memory so our thoughts were to just drop this game and move on to the next.”

The game came to an end with a performance by the Lady Phoenix and Infinite Step Team, which raised the spirits of an audience that was disheartened to see their team lose.

“The step team stole the show,” said Chery. “All the performances were well executed, you can feel how much they loved what they were doing.”

Peggy Chen ’16, a member of the step team, said, “I’m really glad that the team was able to pull through the last minute changes and I’m glad everyone enjoyed it.”

“It makes me feel the neck pain was worth it,” she said, referring to the series of rapid neck movements that were part of the routine.

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