Former Student Comes Back Ready To Teach


By Oscar Villalva ’16    

Every year new teachers arrive at Midwood, but only a handful of them are former Midwood students. This year, one of them is Mr. Kyle Manson, a biology teacher.

This isn’t Mr. Manson’s first year teaching as he previously taught at John Jay Secondary School for Law, Teachers Preparatory School, New Utrecht and William E. Grady CTE High School before arriving at Midwood this year. After graduating in 2005 he attended Brooklyn College where he majored in biology and minored in education.

During his years at Midwood Mr. Manson was part of the tennis team, which he was captain of during his junior and senior years. Along with being on the tennis team he also tutored children at the Sylvan Learning Center.

“I always wanted to be a teacher, and I enjoyed working with kids,” said Mr. Manson.

From a young age Mr. Manson has always wanted to work with kids, during his college years he even taught a swimming class with children from the ages of six through twelve.

For Mr. Manson working along some of his former teachers has not only been beneficial for him but for his students as well.

“The more I’m connected with my students,” said Mr. Manson. “The more I can relate my lessons to their


He has taken some teaching methods from his former teachers and applied it to his own teaching, such as being respectful and getting to know students at a personal level.

Overall his teaching experience has been great but a “bit weird” at the beginning because he was working alongside some of his former teachers.

Apart from playing tennis, Mr. Manson also enjoys playing soccer, snowboarding and playing the piano. He also hopes to be an administrator one day.

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