Boys’ Soccer Team Back on Track

By Natalia Wiater ’16

From a strong start to a losing streak, the boys’ soccer team has made a comeback, now with six wins and four losses.

The beginning of the season started with an “accidental goal” by Snigdho Hasan ’16, who intended to cross the ball but instead chipped it over the goalkeeper.

“It was the goal that tied the game and gave us momentum to move forward and take the win,” Ahmed El Sammak ’17 said.

Their winning streak continued with scores such as 5-0 against Lincoln and 6-3 against Brooklyn International, in which Jesus Patiño ’16 scored four goals, and during the Lincoln game, Zayit Muniz ’19 made his debut by tapping the ball into the goal before the goalkeeper could react. The boys’ coach put in the B-team on in the second half so they could get playing time, and they responded by scoring the last goal of the match..

However, these successes were later belittle by three consecutive losses, starting with a 1-0 loss against Sheepshead Bay that initiated a downward spiral.

“The match against Sheepshead Bay was a game we could have won. A game we should have won,” El Sammak said. It lowered the morale of the team, and was only repaired after a rematch against Brooklyn International that the boys won 4-2.

There have been other hiccups during the season.However, before the Brooklyn International game, Ziabur Rahman ’17 was helping some of his teammates in taking down the old  broken goal post when he moved it too much and it fell on his head. The coach called 911 and tried to stop the bleeding, but the ambulance took 20 minutes to get to the field because the driver didn’t know where Midwood Field was. However, Rahman recovered rather quickly and even played two weeks later, but was careful not to head the ball so he would not injure himself again.

A game against Madison did not go as planned when the Madison goalkeeper suffered an asthma attack during the game and the game had to be stopped. The game started out with a goal for Madison that the Hornets later retaliated. But right before halftime, El Sammak was injured. While the referees were helping him wrap his leg, the Madison goalkeeper was taken off the field to rest. The weather was harsh with seemingly freezing temperatures, cold winds, and rain that obviously affected the goalkeeper, who was mostly standing in place during the game and not moving much. After being taken off the field he suffered an asthma attack, and the game was scheduled to be resumed at halftime at the Madison field on October 16th.

The boys are back on track, though, and they even regain their momentum long enough to make it to playoffs. They expect to restart their winning streak, and make the most of the time they have left this season.

“When your blood is pumping, the home crowd is cheering, and time slows down, you know you have to give it your all,” Ihor Bakhnak ’16 said.

Esteban Medel '16 blocks a shot.
Esteban Medel ’16 blocks a shot.

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