Auditorium to be Renovated

By Jacky Lin ’16 and Jeremy Shivwkumar ’16

After years of constant complaints of not being able to hear during school events in the auditorium and the uncomfortable seating from students and faculty members, the auditorium is being renovated.

Dr. Ernest Pysher said, “The auditorium is going to undergo a full makeover, from upgrading the sound system to installing new seats.”

There has been complaints about sound by students and faculty. Students often have trouble hearing important messages during assemblies due to speaker or microphone malfunctions. They wouldn’t be able to hear anything during SING either, the band would always block out its actors since the microphones would pick up the sound from the band more than they would of the actors, according to Dr. Pysher.

There are other issues that prevent the audience from hearing the actors as well.

“We have to use wireless mics on each actor or person speaking,” said Dr. Pysher. “Then they forget to turn the mics on, walk into Siberia so they disconnect and have to re connect when they walk on stage or the sound person forgets to put up the volume until you realize that there no sound coming out of the person.”

There are currently eight new speakers installed in the auditorium that supplement the five-year-old audio board, which was built by Dr. Pysher and his colleague Jay Martin. There are a few upgrades to the audio board such as the addition of an iPod dock, wireless control systems, and a CD player. Finally, they are also changing the LED lights on the stage of the auditorium, which allows for better dimming and lighting. The deadline for the completion of the upgrades is December 2015.

“Most of the time I can’t even understand what people are saying and miss out on important announcements.” said Jason Huang ’16. “An example I would give would be during the Macaulay Honors meeting that we had in the auditorium, during which the spokesperson was not able to use the mic because it was broken and we seniors struggled to listen to what he had to say.”

The speakers currently installed in the auditorium are from JBL by Harman Kardon, and the speakers previously in-stalled in the auditorium are from the same brand. The old system contained four JBL surround speakers with two subwoofers and two dual 15 inch Cerwin Vega speakers used as mains.

Though sound has been a big deal in the auditorium, there are other problems. The red velvet seats currently installed suffer from rips and tears; in addition, some may even come across a broken seat.

“The seats make me want to stand up rather than sit,” said Brian Cheung ’16. “You don’t know what people could put inside the ripped chairs such as food wrappers or other things such as pens and pencils.”

The damaged seats not only cause discomfort while sitting, they can also be hazardous as students sometimes thinks it’s funny to mess with their friends with a broken seat, which can lead to the person getting hurt.

Jerry Lu ’16 said, “I’m glad that the auditorium is getting a makeover, but it’s too bad that we seniors will not get to experience the upgrade but at least it will make our underclassmen’s life easier when they become seniors.”

The freshmen, sophomores and juniors can look forward to newly renovated seats in the auditorium in the future. All the seats will be replaced, allowing more seats to be added. In the end, everything in the auditorium will have everything new and improved except for the floors.

“I am excited to see these new changes within the next year since I will be a senior by then and would need to listen to important college information given out in the auditorium,” said Andy Liang ’15. “I hope they will continue to improve the auditorium and maybe one day add an air conditioner to it.”

These upgrades will be beneficial for the school as a whole. For one, the audio system and the new seats in the auditorium are covered completely fromBrooklyn Borough President. Therefore there will not be any budget cuts for the school, thus allowing the school to spend money on other things, while reaping the benefits of a renovated auditorium.

Ripped seats in the auditorium
Ripped seats in the auditorium

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