New English Elective to Teach Study Skills

By Imrat Pasha ‘16 A new elective is being offered to freshmen, and it’s called Avid. This class is all about teaching students how to be organized and be self-reliant. This class is taught by Mr. A.  Carter Sinclair and Mr. Levinson. According to the Assistant Principal of the English department, Ms. Suzanne Thomas, Avid is a class that provides support to students who have … Continue reading New English Elective to Teach Study Skills

Hornets Give Back to Hive

By Anna Truong ’16 and Jose Chery ’16 Some Hornets just can’t stay away. Alumnae Ms. Melissa Pentangelo, from class of 1999, and Ms. Sara Zweig, of class 2007, have returned as English educators. “I’ve always enjoyed reading,” said Ms. Zweig. “I think high school made it even more fun. I also love foreign languages, I was thinking about doing Spanish or French.”     … Continue reading Hornets Give Back to Hive

Maker Faire Sparks Creativity

By Xiao Ying Huang ’16 and Jocelyn Chen ’16 Three dimensional (3D) printers, a mechanical horse, a 28 feet robot, and life-size mouse traps were just some of the scientific makings that were displayed at the 6th Annual Maker Faire. “It was an awe inspiring experience which triggered my creative genius,” said Zainab Salahudin ’17.          Thousands of people joined the Maker … Continue reading Maker Faire Sparks Creativity

AP Capstone Combines English and Science

By Victor Lee ‘16 and Jacky Lin ‘16 AP Capstone, a rigorous program designed to prepare students for college level literature research and writing, is now being offered at Midwood, one of the six high schools in New York that currently participates in this program. According to the College Board, AP Capstone, a two year program, is designed to provide students with core academic skills … Continue reading AP Capstone Combines English and Science

Debate Team Argues With Style

By Cailan Yu ‘16 Building quick thinkers with strong opinions, the debate team prepares for their first tournament on October 24. Midwood is just joining other schools such as Brooklyn Technical High School and Bronx Science who had debate teams since 1969. The members meet every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in room 155. The coaches, Ms. Thomas, Ms. Braithwaite-Jones, and Ms. Guardavacaro, prepare the members … Continue reading Debate Team Argues With Style

Researchers Battle for Spot in Siemens Finals

By Victor Lee ‘16 Senior researchers rocked the new school year by competing in the 17th national Siemens Competition. The competition was founded by the Siemens Foundation in 1999 to encourage students to participate in intensive research to improve their understanding the core values of scientific study. Last year alone, over $500,000 in scholarships was awarded to over 2,000 applicants. “I worked at a lab … Continue reading Researchers Battle for Spot in Siemens Finals

Former Student Comes Back Ready To Teach

By Oscar Villalva ’16     Every year new teachers arrive at Midwood, but only a handful of them are former Midwood students. This year, one of them is Mr. Kyle Manson, a biology teacher. This isn’t Mr. Manson’s first year teaching as he previously taught at John Jay Secondary School for Law, Teachers Preparatory School, New Utrecht and William E. Grady CTE High School … Continue reading Former Student Comes Back Ready To Teach

Science Department Welcomes New Teacher

By Chelsea Allamby ’16 In the hype of the new school year, there’s new beginnings for not only students, but for teachers as well. The new addition to the science department, is Mr. Stokes who teaches both living environment and forensics. His “welcome” to the school wasn’t pleasant because he caught a virus on his usb. “My A.P. [Assistant Principal] did warn me about viruses … Continue reading Science Department Welcomes New Teacher

Homecoming Commemorates 75th Anniversary

By Nahian Chowdhury ’16 and Anna Truong ’16 Victory did not grace the Hornets at this year’s homecoming football game. Despite a stellar start and an extremely close game, Midwood lost 22-24 against Susan E.Wagner High School. Although the game was not a win, the Hornets’ spirits remain undaunted.   “I think it was a great game, both teams played hard but the other team … Continue reading Homecoming Commemorates 75th Anniversary

Yearbook Class To Refresh Epilog

By Karen Cherkas ’16 Sophisticated and symbolic are terms the yearbook class of 2016 is using to describe this year’s yearbook. With hard work, new techniques and team effort, this yearbook class of selected individuals is making changes to modernize the yearbook of 2016. By being in this class, seniors are given the opportunity to share with their skills such as photography, journalism, graphic design, … Continue reading Yearbook Class To Refresh Epilog