Hornets Sprint to Finish Line

By Natalia Wiater ’16

In the interest of full disclosure, Natalia Wiater is on the girls’ track team.

With a loud chant that resonated throughout the area, the girls’ track team celebrated their title, as well as a whole year of hard work at the Outdoor Track Brooklyn Championship at South Shore High School on May 18. Brooklyn is the most competitive borough; but with only ½ point difference, the Lady Hornets held on to their title and pride from last year as they beat Brooklyn Technical High School, bumping them to second place. Midwood had 129.5 points, Tech had 129, and James Madison trailed behind at third place with 85 points. New personal records were set in a large variety of events: Laurina St Fleur ’17 won second place in the Javelin after only one hour of practice the day before; in the 4x400m Relay, Ashell Tisin ’15, Bryanna Fisher ’16, Simiana Carter ’18, and Mackenzie Evans ’18 ran their best time and won third place with a time of 4:16.90; and in the Steeplechase, five girls earned the team 21 points total. Although the meet went smoothly, there was a mix up earlier in the season when the PSAL scheduled the Brooklyn Championship on Mother’s Day, provoking outrage from coaches and parents alike. The date was later changed, and the meet was split into two parts: since South Shore did not have the facilities to accommodate all of the events, some field events and the 2000m Steeplechase with water were held at Icahn Stadium on May 8, while the rest of the running events were at the school. However, while the team was successful at Brooklyn Champs, they weren’t so lucky at the Freshman/Sophomore Championship on May 24. The freshmen placed seventh, and the sophomores placed 19th, but there were a few personal records broken in the individual 800m races. Even though they didn’t place, the freshmen still tried their best. “They [varsity] push me to do better and strive to be the best runner I can be,” Emma Pesin ’18 said. “They are my second family, and they respect me even though I’m new to the team.” Over the course of the season, there were many qualifications for the PSAL City Championship on May 31. In order to run at City Champs, an athlete must either win an event at their Borough Championship, or run a time that qualifies for the meet. Among others, the girls qualified for the Discus Throw, 100m Dash,100m Hurdles, 400m Intermediate Hurdles, Long and Triple Jump, two 4x100m Relays as well as a 4x400m Relay. Although last year’s results were nothing to brag about, the team hoped that this year would prove to be more fruitful. And it did: overall, Midwood earned 20 points, and Jadah Tappin ’16 even qualified for the state championship, with 37’ 02” (qualifying is 37’ 01”). Other notable results included Brianna Bennett ’16 with second place in the Discus Throw, Karina Davidyuk ’16 with second place in the High Jump, and Evans, Fisher, Tisin, and Anna Duke ’15 with fifth place in the 4x100m relay. “I can’t put speed or strength dust on the girls, there is no instant gratification. They have to be willing to do the work,” Mr. Cohen said.

Stephanie Chan ’18 was one of the Hornets who competed.
Stephanie Chan ’18 was one of the Hornets who competed.

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