Handball Hornets Become Champions

By Annie Chen ’16

In the interest of full disclosure, Annie Chen is on the girls’ handball team.

The Hornets on the girl’s handball team stung again, defeating Bayside High School 3-2, and winning the girl’s handball championship. With practice every day, the girls showed their opponent their ability to attack and win the trophy in the end. “Now that we are in quarterfinals, there’s no more playing nice,” said Jeffery Williams, the head coach. “It’s been awhile since we have gotten the banner. Now it’s time to return the banner to the right owner.” Second single, Jessenia Garate ’15 came in the match with Nancy Jiang ’16 on the fifth court. Second doubles, Annie Chen ’16 and Tingting Fang ’16, competed against Jane Chan ’15 and Jenny Chen ’16 on the third court. “At first I was intimidated by my opponent since they were taller than us and that’s an advantage for them,” said Fang. “But with all the drills and work-outs, I’m pretty sure that we’re able to defeat them.” With alumni and the whole team supporting each game, the players were under pressure. Soon third singles overthrew Jiang with 11 points and second doubles won their game by 21-8. One of the alumni, Andy Xu, felt proud that girls were in the lead by two games. First single, Melanie Garate ’15 clashed against Sung Hee Cho ’17 and won with the score of 21-7. “Every game was remarkably interesting,” Hornet’s supporter, Lauren Heng ’18 said. “I’ve never seen the players this serious throughout the season.” After M. Garate’s game, first double Jephany Zhen ’16 and Lily Kyi ’16 collided with Deborah Park ’17 and Janice Lai ’16. The game was difficult at first, but in the end Hornet doubles were able to leave Cardozo 21-15. “At the beginning of the game, I kept on missing all the easy shots and it was making me frustrated,” said Zhen. “But with my partner always supporting me, we were able to win.” Now four games left with Hornet’s going to semifinals.  The last game was with third singles, Nancy Li ’15 who struggled in the middle of the game against Katherine Chin ’17. “My opponent kept on getting my serves and it was aggravating since I couldn’t score any points,” Li said. “But as I called timeout and with Fang giving me advice, I was able to defeat Chin 21-15.” With the girls winning all the games, both schools formed a line and shook hands. Both coaches shook hands and Cardozo wished Hornet girls good luck on semifinals. Mr. Williams, around the circle of victory said, “With us winning 2 playoffs games, now we have Brooklyn Tech and Bayside High School and the banner will be returning home.” Now with the girls entering to semifinals, it means war between Hornet girls and Tech Engineer girls. “We were known to be undefeated and we will stay undefeated,” said J. Garate. With a striking score of 3-2, Hornet girls defeated Brooklyn Techinal High school and stepped into finals against Bayside High school. Many people underestimated Hornet girls, expecting them to lose against Bayside, but with great comebacks the girls stayed undefeated with 3-2 against Bayside and won championships. “I have never seen the girls try this hard to win and with determination they have proved to me that “Victory” is by their side now,” said Mr. Williams. The trophy and banner have finally returned home

The Hornets are this year’s Girls’ Handball Champions.
The Hornets are this year’s Girls’ Handball Champions.


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