Girls’ Tennis Team Loses in Playoffs

By Zita Chau ’16

Another girls’ tennis play-off series started, and the Hornets gave their full effort once again. Although the Hornets did not succeed, their efforts has surpassed many expectations.

Milena Gyulbudaghyan ’18 said, “I believe that taking pride in coming as far as we have this season, is what it means to be a Midwood Hornet.”

For the first play-off, the Hornets had an advantage because of an early forfeit from Forest Hills, which resulted in our advance to the next match.

“The play-offs were interesting in the idea that they brought us together as a team and made us realize our faults and what we can improve on,” said Alexandra Angert ’18.

For the next play-off, the Hornets played against Bard High School Early College. First singles match, Roza Chervinsky ’17 had an outstanding score of 11-10. Second singles match, Alina Merkhassina ’16 unfortunately scored a 5-10 resulting in losing the second match. Third singles match, Lia Gikashvili ’17 brought the team up with a score of 10-8.

Gyulbudaghyan said, “I think we need to improve on communication during the games and be clear on how we will interact with each other during a game.”

The first doubles match, Angert and Erica Levin ’17, tried their best but failed to win this match. Last doubles match were with Gyulbudaghyan and Sabina Kahramonova ’16 resulting in the lost of the play-offs with Bard High School Early College.

“I was satisfied with most of the games, but with some games I felt that we could’ve done better,” Kahramonova said. “Hopefully we can learn from the mistakes we made this season and bring our A-game next season.”

Anastasia Lipatova ’18 said, “We gave our best at the play-offs and we will continue doing that and more.”

Tennis team will try to improve their skills to win the next season play-off starting in September 2015.

The Hornets lost to Bard High School Early College in this year’s playoffs.
The Hornets lost to Bard High School Early College in this year’s playoffs.

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