Girls’ Lacrosse Comes to a Memorable End

By Huonna McCarthy ’16 and Nicholas Richards ’16

Although the girls’ lacrosse team season came to an end after losing their playoff game in the quarterfinals against Curtis High School on May 14, the moments the team shared will be treasured.

“This season was emotional and frustrating at times, but it was a memorable one,” said  Tiffany Sanabia ’15.

It was a bittersweet moment when seniors packed away their cleats and laid down their sticks as they realized their high school lacrosse days had come to an end.  However, these seniors have no reason to hang their heads. Much of the success the team achieved can be attributed to them.

Senior attacker, Monica Riskevich ’15, led the team with 45 goals and 33 assists, followed by midfielder Feyisola Soetan ’15 with 18 goals and 17 assists, Taili Gasso ’15 with 11 goals and Sanabia with 15 goals. Dajana Reci ’15, who was responsible for the three goals scored against Curtis High School in the quarterfinals, had 18 goals this season.

Riskevich describes playing lacrosse as being on a battlefield and her fellow teammates are soldiers.

“I play lacrosse like it is a war,” said Riskevich.  “As soon as I step on the field, I’m filled with adrenaline and I’m ready to go; I’m ready to win.”

On the defensive end there were players who dominated with interceptions, pushed opponents to force difficult passes and chased after ground balls. Ashley Harris ’15, who picked up eight ground balls in the Hornets first playoff game against Christopher Columbus Campus, was one player who was always involved in the scramble for a ground ball and most often than not, came out successful.

“It was evident that possession was key to a game’s outcome this season,” said Joselyne Pimentel ’16. “ When we were sluggish, it reflected on the score, but when we got ground balls and kept possession, great things happened.”

Like many say, “defense wins championships,” and the team had a solid goalie. Throughout the season senior goalie, Germanie Gabin ’15, made 103 saves.

“ Being a senior I wanted to make a major contribution to my team,” said Gabin. “As the season progressed I became more confident in my skills and in my defenders, as we worked together well.”

This season was closer to the players’ hearts because it was dedicated to a fellow teammate, Erica Antoine ‘15.  Antoine suffered a stroke and fell into an induced coma. Although she is recuperating, her absence has taken a toll on the players and they were determined to make her proud. A vital part of that, was building a strong team connection on the field and off the field.

“ I feel like I’ll remember and cherish more moments off-field with my teammates,” said  Soetan. “ I’ll remember our circle of confessions and our stupid arguments. I’ll remember that it was never perfect but always worth it.”

In a last ditch effort to keep their lacrosse sticks in their hands, the girls and boys lacrosse team came together on  May 26, to play the first annual boys vs. girls game. The game was played by the rules of girls lacrosse and members of the boys’ team played with a girl stick while girls played the game with boys’ lacrosse sticks.

“It was like finally taking a big gulp of air after being underwater for a long time,” said Kelsie Gallego ’16. “ I missed playing so much and season just ended!”

There will be one more opportunity for seniors to show their skills before they graduate and for other team members to get a head start on next season, as the annual Alumni game approaches.

As the seniors get ready to embark on a new journey some leave behind words of encouragement, tearful remarks on how they miss it already and tips on how to focus on the game with a screaming Coach Giordano on the sideline.

“Play with passion, with heart. Play for yourself. Play because you love the game, and don’t ever let anyone or anything get in between you and your love for lacrosse. Enjoy it while it lasts,” said Soetan. “ All the laughter, the tears, the raging emotion. I hope to remember these clearly and look back fondly on my days as a high school lacrosse player.”


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