Choruses Battle for Pizza Party

By Diellza Dzafa ’16 and Soena Muja ’16

Battle of the Chori offered free admissions on May 26 to view the competition between the chorus one classes and chorus two classes. The performances showcased students’ abilities to work together to create a beautiful symphony. The winning classes of the competition won a pizza party.

Ms. Robin Casalta had been training these students to perform at the Battle of the Chori for the whole year.

For the more advanced students, Ms. Casalta chose to challenge them with a new job as conductor. Nicole Padilla ’16 conducted her fifth period class; Lateefah Thomas ’16 conducted fourth period, and Angel Gil ’16 conducted the third period chorus class.

Renardo Shaw ’18 mesmerized the audience with his dancing skills when accompanying the period four-chorus class. There were performances with guitarist, Nicholas Lopez ’17 and pianists Savlat Sanoatov ’17, Tristan Regist ‘17, Demir McRae ’17 and Brian Begelman ’17.

“I was so intrigued with the fact that the students were either singing, dancing, or playing instruments,” said Helen Tang ’16.

Students in the chorus classes also wrote companion pieces to the songs their classes sang to get a better understanding of the songs they sang.

The people in the audience were given ballots by Dr. Ernest Psysher to vote for the best class. The advanced chorus battle had a competition between two classes while the regular chorus battle had double the competition.

“The chorus classes sounded magnificent as the students harmonized with one another and had music to accentuate their voices,” said Kazi Islam ’16.

The advanced chorus competition was won by period 4 and the beginning chorus competition was won by period 8. The teams had pizza to celebrate.

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