Ceremony Initiates Students into Honors Societies

By Victoria Cheng ’16 and Jose Romarah Chery ’16
New members of the Arista and Archon Honor Society were initiated on May 20th in the school’s auditorium.
The Arista and Archon Honor Society are nationally recognized honor societies in which selected students are honored for their achievements in academics and service in the school. Arista, focusing in academics, required junior applicants to have at least a 93% grade point average and senior applicants to have at least a 90% grade point average. Archon, focusing on service, requires applicants to have at least 105 service credits accumulated from monitoring for teachers and participating in clubs. This year there was a total of 315 members from both societies.
      Ms. Filomena Daniels manages the process of choosing the members and setting up the ceremony.  Ms. Daniels, a guidance counselor, and Assistant Principal Ms. Fern Bren both take part in organizing the ceremony for Arista/Archon.
    “For Arista, I check individual transcripts and for Archon, I tally up the amount of service points,” said Ms. Daniels, “ I also have to send character check letters to the staff. “
    The letters are a list of the applicants’ names that goes out to all of the staff. If someone complains about one of the applicants, then the student is rejected from the society. Fellow staff members, such as Ms. Kathleen Farrell, assistant principal of organizations, and Dr. Ernest Pysher, assistant principal of the arts and technology, helped Ms. Daniels in preparing for the ceremony.
    The ceremony began with the school orchestra, led by Ms. Melissa Williams, the music director, playing as the students filed into the auditorium. After all the students were seated, the Arista leaders, the Archon leaders, Ms. Bren, and Principal Michael McDonnell gave their speeches. Archon and Arista leaders’ reminisced about their years in high school and their optimism for the future, while  Ms. Bren and Mr. McDonnell congratulated the members for all of their hard work.
    “Everything was beautiful that night and the speeches were very motivating,” said Christine Ly ’16.
    Each member was awarded a pen and pin, and the new Arista and Archon leaders were announced as well. The leaders were chosen by fellow members and will participate in next year’s ceremony as the candle lighters.
    “It’s a pleasure, and I’m really excited to be a new leader,” said Yating Wang ’16, the new female Archon leader who accumulated 270 service credits in three years.
Bart Rosenzwieg ’16, the new male Arista leader who has the highest average in Arista, said, «My family and I enjoyed the ceremony and I can›t wait to make my speech next year.»
The ceremony went smoothly, except for the printing of the programs. There was a printing mishap that resulted in the absence of certain students’ names in the pamphlets. Students in Arista with last names starting with the letters “L” to the letter “O” were not included in the list of members. Mrs. Bren’s name was also misspelled as “Bern”.
    “It was devastating to me because I worked so hard on putting everything together,” said Ms. Daniels.
    Mrs. Bren said, “I think it had to do with the columns in Excel. The printer might have missed a page.”
    After the ceremony, everyone assembled in the lobby for cookies and water. The members took pictures with their family and friends and then returned home.
    “The ceremony acknowledges the hard work and service of students and they should be acknowledge for that,” said Ms. Bren.  “This is a chance to reward the students who do the right thing and to recognize excellence.”



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