Lights, Camera, Action! Hornets Explore History of Film

Colin Dowd ’16

Film club members took the opportunity to learn more about movie production and film history on their trip to the Museum of the Moving Image.

The Museum of the Moving Image provided a chance to understand and appreciate the history, technology, art, and other forms of digital media. It does this using many engaging hands-on exhibits to help people truly understand what they are seeing. The exhibits include education programs, moving image related artifacts, and interpretive programs that allow a different approach to learning than most museums.

The trip was led by Mr. George Hero, the leader of film club. He has been going to the museum for over 10 years and thinks it’s an ideal place to take his film students.

“I’ve been going there for many years to attend screenings and look at new exhibits, so I’ve decided that it’s a great place to take the students,” said Mr. Hero.

Students attending the trip had the chance to gain deeper insight on media with certain exhibits as well as showing off their knowledge of film. The museum tour guide asked many tough questions and to Mr. Hero’s surprise most kids answered correctly.

“I loved seeing that the kids learned a lot from the class and were able to show it at the museum,” said Mr. Hero.

The students were able to experience a silent movie in an unusual setting. The movie was shown in a new Egyptian themed theatre that featured a live piano player that brought life to the movie. The silent film was called The Crowd. It featured lots of old pictures of New York City in the 1920s.

“The silent movie was really beautiful, and it was a different experience than regular movies,” said Amanita Funaro ’16.

The trip was a new experience for some students and seemed to leave a strong impression on certain film club members.

“I can’t wait to go again next year it was such and a great experience the first time,” said Funaro.

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