Letters to the Editors: June

Dear Editor,

The article “Girls Tennis Team Stays Strong Despite Losses” means a lot to me. Being a part of the tennis team, I feel very sentimental about this article. Our season recently finished, so reading this article by one of my team members causes me to reminisce. I’ve been on the team since my sophomore year and every season I learn something new about the sport and how to be a good teammate. I agree with Zita Chau ’16 that we stand proudly with hopes for the future.

I believe that all of the tennis team members have the same mentality on how the season went. We all had fun and were there for each other, like our own big family. According to our Captain Marina, who gave a quote to this article, we need to be consistent to improve. This article made me open my eyes a bit more to the importance of sticking together and being consistent, by practicing more.

From, Eva Nashtatik ’16

Dear Editor,

After reading “Captive Lunch Frustrates Many” of the May edition of Argus, I have decided to argue some restrictions on outdoor lunch.

My first restriction should be that the minimum requirement to participate in the outdoor lunch program is an eighty overall average. Anything below that would inspire students to work harder to gain the privilege. Another restriction is that the attendance after the lunch period must be stricter as cutting could increase after the program is executed. The final restriction that I propose is that the area where a student may go should be limited to a four-mile radius. Overall, the article is very good and displays some strong support for outdoor lunch.

From, Anonymous

Dear Editor,

Hello! I read the article “Hornet Visionaries Display ‘Innoventions at NYU’”. As I was reading this, I felt so amazed that there was an invention competition, which tested the students’ design and engineering skills. I think that Classi is a wonderful invention that will make life easier for students. It shows that technology is continuing to make human life easier and more modern. Classi is a program that I will absolutely use. It will make better use of my time when I get my schedule. I can look up my friends’ schedules and we can meet up in between classes. This website stops the nervous atmosphere on the first day of class. If they know who their classmates are, then students will be prepared. I think this is a wonderful competition that improves out environment and also allows us to test out our ideas and imagination. Thank you for writing a wonderful article.

From, Jessica Lin ’16

Dear Editor,

I read “Captive Lunch Fristrates Many” and I feel the topic discussed was very important because I feel like I struggle with the issues mentioned in the article, such as not eating food in school and losing focus. I could relate. The author gave valid points about tracking students who will violate the privilege of leaving school to get food.

I liked how the author included the opinion of Mr. Franzese in why students can’t leave, like the captive system and the cutting problem. I think the author including the students’ reasons was good because he showed that students not only want to leave to get food but they also want fresh air.

From, Rakhal Khaimoua ’17

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