Girls’ Softball Looks to New Season

By Ben Carlton ’16

                Wrapping up the season winless is never fun. Despite that, the girl’s softball team doesn’t view this season as a total wash.

                “We knew that we were improving as individual players and as a team, even if the stats didn’t show it,” said Amy Donovan ’15, one of three captains this year, and the starting centerfielder.

                Part of the Lady Hornet’s struggles may have been playing in a stacked division. Four teams finished over .500 on the year, with Telecomm and Bedford Avenue rival James Madison ending as co-division champs. Madison is currently the 3-seed in the girls’ playoff bracket, and Telecomm is the 8-seed.

                Another issue the team faced during play was keeping opponents off the scoreboard. In 15 of the 16 games, the Lady Hornets were lit up for 10 or more runs, 20 or more runs in 7 of 16 contests, and even an unsightly 30 runs once against Grand Street.

                In the eyes of coach Jenny Ferrarin, the girls were resilient during the year, despite their overall record. Overall, she was proud of how the girls played this season.

                “I think the general lack of softball in Brooklyn hurt us this season,” Ferrain said. Maintaining the ‘practice makes perfect’ mantra of coaches everywhere, she wished that the players could have more time outside of school to hone their craft.

                One of the roles of a captain like Donovan is to help underclassmen get comfortable within the team and serve as a leader. Concerning the latter, a responsibility of the captains is to lead the team in stretching at practices and games. While it may seem insignificant, lots can be determined by observing a team stretch. A unified team stretch is a solid indicator of a team that is in sync, with good team chemistry. On the other hand, a team stretching in disarray is often indicative of teammates out of step with each other.

                In terms of the former, captains must be role models for younger teammates, especially freshman.

                “I had some struggles adapting to the team, but I got myself and my game together as the season progressed,” said Isabel Learis ’18.


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