Democracy strikes again…..Hornet Elections Sweep in New Government

By Anna Wu ’16 and Amanda Kwong ’16

Election Day has passed and a new wave of student government leaders have taken office. Students casted their ballots on May 21 for Midwood’s mayor, comptroller, and the president and vice president of each class. According to Ms. Marcia Kaufman, coordinator of student activities, more than 2000 votes were counted in this year’s elections. When the votes were announced on May 23, the Hornets proudly welcomed new Mayor Zain Chamoun ’16 and new Comptroller Nozima Omonullaeva ’16.

“I am very grateful that I won and that I am given this opportunity to make a difference,” said Chamoun. “I want to make students’ lives a little better and enhance the high school experience.”

Chamoun hopes to do this by improving communication with the students and giving them what they want such as the installment of a Hornets hockey team and cleaner bathrooms. He also plans on enforcing the use of Pupilpath which many students find helpful in keeping track of their grades.

As Comptroller, Omonullaeva promises to lessen the struggle of many clubs and teams that need money to fund their activities. Her main goal is to help students in any way she can. “I feel emotional and excited,” said Omonullaeva. “I can’t seem to come up with just one word to describe this win.”

For the senior class, Gabrielle Wilks’16 will reprise her role as president for the third year in a row with new senior Vice President Max Miloslavsky’16 by her side.

“I want to represent the senior class in things like prom, yearbook, graduation, and senior trip,” said Miloslavsky. “I want to make senior year memorable and impactful.”

The incoming juniors will have Sharleen Pasha ‘17 as their president and Zenab Jamil as their vice president. The sophomores have many expectations from their new leaders.

Stephanie Diaz’17 said, “I hope they improve the arrangement of student schedules so that some students don’t have lunch too early in the morning and I hope that they create activities that all the students can participate in.”

Sophomore President Alexis Buckner’18 and sophomore Vice President Brittany Mendoza’18 were elected to represent their class. Buckner and Mendoza share similar goals in that they wish to represent the sophomore class in a positive way. They want to be a voice for their peers.

With another school year coming to a close, the new student government officials hope to start a new year with a clean slate and best things yet to come.

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