Board Games Further Education

By Kevin Platonov ’16

AP Chemistry Exams are over and the curriculum has been fully taught. There is nothing left to do, so in AP Chemistry there is an end of the year project to keep students busy.

“The difficult part after exams are over is that the students think they can do nothing, so they don’t want to work,” said Mr. Cameron Jahn, an AP Chemistry teacher.

Students are to create a chemistry-themed game that utilizes advanced concepts from the course.

“The goal of this project is to give something constructive to do after the exam that doesn’t require take-home work and can be done mostly in class,” said Mr. Jahn.

This game can be a board game, card game, computer game, role playing game, or party game. The content of the game can cover all topics of AP Chemistry, a single unit, or famous chemists and their experiments.

Some groups have designs for boards that vary from either Erlenmeyer flasks to pillows. This project is based on creativity and the theme of the game can be anything as long as it reviews AP Chemistry. Not only can the students design their own boards, but they also have the option to create their own game pieces using a program call Autodesk Inventory and making them physical with a 3D printer.

“I really like the idea of the 3D printer and making your own game pieces. It gives an insight on new technology,” said Joel Arulanantham ’16, an AP Chemistry student.

This project also gives students the ability to raise their final grade since it will be worth a test and quiz grade.

“The purpose of this project is for cumulative review and if the game is good enough, I can use the game for next year’s AP Chemistry class as a review,” said Mr. Jahn.

Arulanantham said, “It’s a great way for the students to be reminiscent of the material that they learned over the course of the school year.”

According to the rubric, after the game is completed there will be a presentation of the group’s game. It will be less than 10 minutes in front of the class in a form of a sales pitch to an educational gaming company.

One of the board games is a chemistry version of Monopoly.
One of the board games is a chemistry version of Monopoly.

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