AP Physics Delves into Natural Disasters

  By Zaw Win Naing ’16

Advance placement (AP) Physics students were treated to Nature’s Fury The Science of Natural Disasters exhibit on their trip to the American Museum of Natural History on Thursday, May 14.

The workshop contained a hands-on approach to understanding the natural phenomena. The exhibit educated students on tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanoes, and tornadoes.

Students are first greeted with a video as they walked down the dimly lit room. From volcanoes to earthquakes, the video gave a graphic introduction to the exhibit educating students about the destructive potential of these phenomena. During the movie one of the scenes showed the tide as it devoured the neighborhood.

“Overwhelmingly powerful,” said Osarhuwense Otasowie ’16. “It’s something that you often don’t think about everyday.”

As the journey continued, the students were greeted with firsthand experiences using learning models. The earthquake model allowed students to move the model as if it is an actual earthquake. There was a spring model to visualize how the earthquake wave travel. Students were excited by the approach of learning such as Junior AP student John Li who was vigorously thrusting the handle on the spring model.

Many students were fascinated as they went exploring through the exhibit. One section showcased a panoramic view of an oncoming tornado. A group of students commented on the panoramic view saying how terrific it was to get a close up view of a tornado.

“How did it get the device to stay down,” asked Darren Yan ’16.

The students crowded around the device that took the panoramic view of the oncoming tornado as the elderly woman approached us. The woman explained that because of the shape the air pushes down on the device, which prevents the camera to be blown away.

Students were given a worksheet to complete by choosing a natural disaster and learn more about the disaster. The worksheet focuses on the type and how it affects the environment and people. They travel around the exhibit to find the facts such as the duration of the disaster and its ecological effect.

The gift shop marked the end of the journey as many students gazed around for momentos. The students raced off to Shake Shack as the trip dawned to a closed with the teacher Mr.Howard Spergel hounding behind.

AP physics visits the American Museum of Natural History.
AP physics visits the American Museum of Natural History.

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