America’s favorite quiz show!: Teachers Bring Jeopardy to Classroom

By Nicholas Pavlov ’16 and Jesus Patino ’16

Classroom Jeopardy is an interactive computer game that helps teachers test the knowledge of their students by asking questions about previously learned material.

For years, teachers have been searching for a way to diversify the student’s experiences in the classroom and improve class performance. Through development, educators were able to make Jeopardy the new activity that takes students on a novel adventure of learning. It allows students to review for the test, come together, and improve their knowledge.

“Jeopardy is the best game to play if you want to review for an exam,” said Kevin Platonov ’16. “The game improves my confidence, and I always feel ready before an exam.”

Before the game, the teacher steps into the role of a host, and the students become the contestants. The host then sets up the playing screen on the smartboard and divides the class into groups. Consequently, students are then given buzzers in order to win a turn and choose from multiple categories.

The categories are topics with unique questions that cause students to think. Each category is worth a certain number of points, and the team that answers the question correctly will receive that specified amount to their score.

“The students come together and learn from each other,” said Ms. Lau. “I use this game often because I see students from a different perspective.”

“What I like about jeopardy is that I can answer questions without the fear of being laughed at for getting it wrong.”

According to Ms. Lau, test grades are higher when she implements the game before test day. She believes that improvement is the key to success.

This game can benefit students who dislike studying or participating in class due to lack of interest. Going over topics and material covered in class, in a form of a game, can be more effective in grasping the attention of the students. Students who are often shy or scared to get called on can feel more secure since they’re able to consult their team before giving an answer.

“What I like about jeopardy is that I can answer questions without the fear of being laughed at for getting it wrong,” said Karen Cherkas ’16. “It’s a diversion from everyday learning and it takes pressure off many shy students.”

Jeopardy also allows one to go over multiple topics at once, whereas the traditional teaching method can sometimes take up to a week to go over those same topics.

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