Summer Program Prepares Senior for College

By Candice West ’16 and Scarlett Neuberger ’15

Meet Lawrence King, a senior who is of Nigerian and Jamaican background. He is inspired to work hard by his Jamaican grandfather. “He always tells us [his grandchildren] to get our education,” said King. His grandfather could never finish his education after being forced to leave 5th grade to help support the family after his father died. Lawrence loves to travel. He has been to California, upstate New York, North Carolina and Nigeria. While he was still in his junior year, he attended an outstanding program in North Carolina. The first program is called July Experience at Davidson College in North Carolina. It is a summer program held at the private Davidson College where selected juniors and seniors can live on campus with other peers and take two liberal arts college classes. The classes are 90 minutes each weekend. The students also attend sessions for preparing them for college and the admissions process. “I took sociology and an economics class,” said King. “At the time they were the most interesting classes on the list and when I got there I was really glad I took them because I had two of the greatest professors that I’ve ever had. They taught me a lot and my economics teacher made me want to study economics.” King noted that the best things about the program were its small class size, interesting topics, good teachers and good conversations. King first heard of this program from a guidance counselor from another school who recommended this opportunity as a convenient way to enhance his profile when applying to college. On the application process, King said, “You had to write an essay and give your financial information and I got financial aid so they cut the price of it in half so I only paid $2,000 instead of $4,000.” The program also gave the students time to relax and have fun. “The biggest thing was we had a talent show and everyone performed and I did a rap and everyone loved it and I wound up winning which was awesome,” said King with pride. “I highly recommend it to anyone who might be confused about what college they want to go to,” said King enthusiastically. “It was the best three weeks of my life and that’s what made me want to go to the school.” King will be starting at Davidson College in the fall of 2015.


Lawrence King ’15 will be attending Davidson College.
Lawrence King ’15 will be attending Davidson College.

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