New AP Course Explores Art and Culture

By Christine Ly ’16, Kelly Yuen ’16

AP Art History is a new course that brings together those with creative minds and a love for art. “I want to take AP Art History in the future because it helps people develop new art skills for their future,” said Nga Yu Lo ’18. “I want to study and acquire skills of past artists.” In AP Art History you explore many art styles created in the past such as the Egyptian pyramids and Renaissance paintings to look beyond its aesthetics to find hidden messages and stories. AP Art History is offered for the first time to upcoming seniors who show interest and curiosity for art. Current juniors with at least an 80 average in both English and social studies are eligible to sign up for the class. It is also a track for the students in the Humanities program. Mr. Jonathan Pincus, the current painting teacher, will be the instructor for this course. Bonnie Lin ’16 said, “ After having Mr. Pincus during freshman year, I’m looking forward to having him as a teacher for AP Art History.” The class will have 250 slides of lessons with topics ranging from landscape painting in China to funerary art. Funerary art is known as a form of art placed in a repository for the remains of the dead. Students will learn not only who created a specific art style and how it became popular, but will analyze the artwork to find the meaning behind it. “I want to be able to look at a style of art and know the history of it.” said Emily Hui ’16. Mr. Pincus describes art as a mystery where students are the detectives trying to solve it. All art has an underlying meaning and in this class you will be learning how to decipher each work of art from the stroke to the shading. AP Art History is a year long course that also offers many opportunities to go on trips. The trips are a way of promoting global awareness as well as getting students to learn about art. Students will go on scavenger hunts to find clues to crack the “code” of a certain piece of art. This means figuring out what was happening during the specific time period the artwork was created in. According to Mr. Pincus, although AP Art History may seem to be a simple AP class, it will help build college readiness. Students learn about different cultures through art and build upon their knowledge of cultural literacy. Just like a majority of the other AP exams, the AP Art History exam was reformatted. The AP Art History exam will consist of a multiple choice section and a free response section. There will be 80 multiple choice questions along with two 30 minute essay questions and four 15 minute essay questions.



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