Flag Football Touches Down for the First Time

By Jesse Grossman ’15

When people hear the word football, they picture monstrous, muscular men tackling each other. However, that is no longer the case at Midwood as the sport of girl’s flag football will hopefully be added to the school’s plethora of sports by next year. The PSAL contacted Midwood about starting a team and with a school of about 4,000 students, there was bound to be some interest. “I have never really been a big fan of football because of how dangerous it is, but I am really interested in playing flag football,” said Tingting Fang ’16. “I think it will be a great experience to play with my fellow friends.” With almost 50 teams already in the PSAL’s varsity division, many schools around the city have started girl’s flag football teams. Midwood rivals such as South Shore, Sheepshead Bay, and Tottenville already have teams, so it came as no surprise to Athletic Director Anthony Mucurio that Midwood would be next. “We were looking for more opportunities for students to get involved in sports,” said Mr. Anthony Mucurio. “And females wanted this sport most of all.” The funding for the team would be covered by the PSAL, which makes it

“I would love to play flag football. I have always been a big fan of football, and hopefully I can play soon.”

even more inviting for Midwood. With many female football fans in the school that never had a chance to play tackle football, there has been a lot of interest from girls around the school. “I would love to play flag football,” said Arianna John’16. “I have always been a big fan of football, and hopefully I can play soon.” Varsity Football Offensive Coordinator Jonathan Skelly will coach the team bringing his expertise to a different type of football. Although both games include a football, the approach to the sport is different. High school varsity football is a run-dominant game, while flag football is pass-dominant. Regular football and flag football sports emphasize thorough tackling and pulling flags, respectvely. Flag football games are played at high intensity, similar to sports like football and scores reach the 30s and 40s at times. Last year, Tottenville beat Goldstein in the City Championship 27-18. There is rising excitement with the tentative plans for the team in place. Tryouts for the team would be next spring and the team may begin to play next year.

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