Mr. Hero Departs Hive for New Adventures

By Tobby Oniga                                                                                                                                                        After 32 years of teaching, George Hero is officially retiring and is ready to move on and live life.

Mr. Hero has been part of Midwood since 1973.  In the spring of 1976 he was mayor of Midwood High School. He was in charge of two of the SING performances. He was always active in Midwood since he was a student.                                         “I remember when I was the evening coordinator for SING, I would collect orders for food for over 150 students every night,“ said Mr. Hero. ”It was fun but chaos!”                                                                                                                                 In 1984, Mr. Hero came to Midwood High School because of the William Bennett Program. He wanted to create more challenging programs for the Humanities program.

He is the founder/advisor for eight different extra-curricular activities in Midwood. This includes the wrestling team which was started in 1985, and was third place in region 6 League in 2014. Mr. Doud will be taking over for Mr. Hero once he leaves.

He strongly believes it’s   important to have extra curriculum activities for students.                                                             “When I attended Midwood as a student, they didn’t have a wrestling team. In college I started to wrestle, I loved it,” said Mr. Hero. “So once I came back to Midwood I created one.”                                                                                              Mr. Hero also started the Research program in 1987, which is a four course program today. He is extremely confident that after he leaves Mr. Kreiger and Ms. Diamond will do a great job in the research program.                                         “You don’t want to have one program depending on one person,” said Mr. Hero, ”it’s good to change hands and for many people to get involved.”                                                                                                                                                         In 2004, he was awarded the Burzel Social Studies Educator of the year in New York City.

Mr. Hero is extremely excited for his plans after retirement. He plans to research, write and publish. He will be going to Greece in October, and he just wanted to be able to travel everywhere. He would love to teach in universities, and just be able to do what a regular person does: go to the movies, watch films, write book reviews.

“I love Midwood,” said Mr. Hero “But if I wait too long I won’t be able to do what I want to do. To grow as a person you need to try other stuff. I just want to be able to do everything I never had to the opportunity to do already.                                             Mr. Hero also wants to help education get back on track when he retires. He strongly believes that common core is destroying the future generation education.

“I’m very concerned that education is going in a bad direction,” said Mr. Hero. “I want to develop a better alternative method to help kids.”

His supervisor Ms. Peters says that he will deeply be missed.                                                                                                       “Mr. Hero is a great teacher with an interesting personality. It’s a lost for Midwood that he’s leaving.” says Ms. Peters.

Mr. Hero hopes to continue to contribute to education.
Mr. Hero hopes to continue to contribute to education.


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