Key Club, Cheerleaders March to Help Babies

By Nicholas Richards ’16 and Paige Vosges ’16

Cheerleaders and Key Club participated in the March of Dimes Walk on April 26, 2015 at Lincoln Center. The purpose of the walk was to raise money and awareness for premature babies. The goal was to raise $2.5 million.

According to, one in nine babies are born premature in the United States. Also premature births are the leading cause of infant mortality.

The cheerleaders came with their school spirit and a smile to the March of Dimes walk. They wanted to be a part of raising awareness for premature births.  They were at the end of the walk on Madison Avenue. They brought their pom poms and were ready to encourage walkers as they crossed the finish line.

“This was my first time as a cheerleader at the March of Dimes but it really touched me,” said Elizabeth Cantave ’15, “Seeing people of all ages with all kinds of backgrounds coming together to walk for a great cause. All the walkers were so excited and you could tell they felt accomplished. I had a great time with my squad and I will most likely attend next year.”

The walk stretched across three and one half miles starting from Lincoln Center. As participants finished this long walk the cheerleaders were there to give out water and other snacks. Nature Valley was a sponsor for the walk and gave away free snack bars to the crowd.

“The March of Dimes is always lots of fun with the team and Ms.Kaufman,” said Gillian Patrick ’16, “It’s a challenge at times changing football and basketball cheers to fit the event but we make it happen. It’s extremely inspiring to see all the toddlers walking across the finish line along with their families.”

Radio station 102.7 and Starbucks also sponsored the walk. There were stands throughout the walk so the participants could stop along the way. The stations were playing music to encourage the walkers and make the event lively. The people were all excited to walk for a good cause.

“The walk was incredible and to finish the walk with the MHS Cheerleaders cheering us on was a priceless feeling,” a walker said as she crossed the finish line.

New York Giants quarterback, Eli Manning, for the eighth year in a row kicked off the walk with a banner. Thousands of other participants were eager to follow him and to complete this journey.

Along with the cheer squad, the Key Club also joined the March of Dimes. Fifteen members from the Key Club walked in the street with the rest of the people.  Key club wanted to be a part and walk along side with many other walkers. They were also there to talk with the other walkers.

“The energy from the families was amazing,” said Clifford Young ’17, “I may not have any babies in my family with disease, but that’s what the walk is for to show that New Yorkers care and are with those who have suffered any deaths. I can’t wait to be among next year’s walkers!”

The people were sensitive about the topic of premature babies. Many of them had a case of a premature baby in their life. The Key Club was there to comfort them and be understanding about their situations. The club finished the walk with the rest of the crowd.

“The walk overall went by like a breeze,” said Xiu Ming ’16, “I think it was mainly because we were all walking together with our friends. It was really satisfying at the end to know that I’ve played a role in bringing awareness for babies to live a healthy life.”

At the end there was a wall to sign. When you finish the walk, you could sign the wall to show that you were a contributor. Midwood has been involved in this event for years and will continue to help out.

“We get invited every year!,” said Ms Kaufman. “They love having us and it’s always been a pleasure coming here and seeing the smiles on the families faces. We’ll be back next year for sure.”


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