College Councelors Help Ease Application Stress

By Imrat Pasha ’16 and Ashley Ferguson ’16

As graduation is approaching, seniors are preparing to go off to college. With approximately 800 seniors, things can get hectic in the college office, but the college counselors make this process easier for the students with their help. Most seniors choose to go to CUNYs and then SUNYs and a handful of students will go to private schools.

Every year college counselors do their best to get every senior prepared for college. Ms. Lorrie Director and Ms. Marisa Koeppel, Midwood’s two college counselors, are responsible for informing students about colleges, sending out student information to universities, and everything else that comes along in the college process. Ms. Sharon Kaminer and Mr. Hilliard Harper, who also work in the college office, are there to provide information to any student who needs it.

“We do a lot more than the counselors of other schools because instead of us being just college counselors; we’re also guidance counselors,” said Ms. Marisa Koeppel. “We do everything we can to make sure that every student gets the help that they need.”

To keep track of all the students, the college office has folders with every student’s name and information because being organized make this whole college application process a lot easier. They also collect information from Naviance which is a website the counselors use to keep in contact with the students.

During the spring semester of junior year, students are highly recommended to meet individually with one of the college counselors. During these meetings, students get their questions answered concerning college and the counselor gives them list of colleges that may be a good fit depending on the student’s interests or desired major. For the students that don’t have appointments for individual meetings, they are later offered group meetings where they meet with a college counselor but they get less individual attention.

The college office has an open door policy where students can come by during any time of the day and ask questions. Midwood also holds huge college fairs where representatives from many colleges come speak to the students about student life on campus, the college application process, and give tips to applying students.

“I am nervous, anxious, and scared but most of all, I’m excited to see what college has in store for me.”

“We encourage every student to go to college. Even for the ones that don’t want to go to college, we encourage them to at least apply for a CUNY,” said Ms. Sharon Kaminer.

She also said that the college office staff above and beyond to help the students in this hectic process. Some of the popular colleges in New York are University of Buffalo, University of Albany, New York University, Stony Brook University and Adelphi. The most popular CUNY colleges include Brooklyn College, Hunter, and Baruch. Every year around 10-15 Midwood students get accepted to Ivy League schools. According to Ms. Koppel it’s hard to get into an Ivy League because of how competitive it is, and she said we have to keep in mind that it’s not only kids from our school that are applying. There are students all over the world applying to Ivy League colleges.

Although the thought of college can be nerve wrecking, most seniors are excited to go off to college and explore the world around them.

“I am nervous, anxious, and scared but most of all, I’m excited to see what college has in store for me,” said Ashell Tisin ’15. “I’m ready to explore new things, meet new people, and have the best college experience.”

Kayla John ’15 plans on attending University of Buffalo in the fall. She said although University of Buffalo isn’t her first choice, it still feels great to be accepted to a D1 college and start fresh.

Surveys given out to the senior class showed that most students will be attending CUNYs in the fall for a number of reasons. The two main reasons are the cheaper tuition and it is close to home. Only a handful of students plan on going to private schools. The three most popular colleges are Hunter, Brooklyn College, and Baruch. Most female students who are going to Hunter plan on majoring in nursing while the students going to Baruch plan on majoring in either business or finance. Some other popular major topics are psychology, biology, and computer science. The class of 2015 has a big future ahead of them and they are all determined to achieve their goals.

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