French 8 Creates Cooking Shows

By Kimberly Ho ’16 and Herna Alexandre ’16

Bon appétit! For their end of year project, French 8 were given the chance to create their own cooking show segments.

“This project provides the students with exposure to different cultures,” said Mrs. Marly Jean-Baptiste. “It also gives them a chance to challenge themselves, because most of them will be doing something that they haven’t done before.”

Each segment highlighted the importance of the recipe and its culture in its French-speaking country and the student’s way of making it.

The segments were recorded at home and played back in class. The segments were edited using the programs Windows Movie Maker or Mac iMovie. They consisted of an introduction, a brief summary of the dish’s cultural background, ingredients, instructions, and the final result.

The students were given the chance to add their own twist to the segments. They were able to cook the dish with the help of their family members or friends, providing them with a fun bonding experience.

“The project exposes the students to different skills such as communication, comprehension, and connection,” said Mrs. Jean-Baptiste.

They made a variety of foods from cakes to pudding including macarons.

Prior to the making of the food, some students did research and watched Youtube videos that helped them with the preparation of their dishes.

“I had fun looking at the images of how the log cake was supposed to look like,” said Chankele Winfield ’16, “I reviewed some tutorials and recipes.”

Although researching the dish were thought to be easy, some students faced challenges when it came to translating.

“There were certain words that was hard to translate,” said Komal Zahid ‘16. “For example instead of saying milliliters they just say cups.”

Anasuya Mack ’16 said, “I learned more about the French language and how to say certain measurements and ingredients.”

Working alone or in pairs, the students worked at home to prepare for the presentation. The students began presenting on May 11.

“This project was fun to do,” said Mariam Qayyum ’16. “I’m always interested in cooking new dishes and learning about their cultures.”

A sample recipie a student created.
A sample recipie a student created.

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