Class of 1965 Reunites to Share Memories

By Victoria Cheng ‘16 and Tingting Fang ‘16

Returning to the school fifty years after their graduation, the class of 1965 reunited at Midwood on Saturday, April 25.

A table was set up in the lobby by Ms.Guida which consisted of T-shirts, pens, papers, name tags, and Argus papers for the alumni to take. As the alumni began to file into the school, they greeted each other with hugs and cheek kisses. In room 155, breakfast was offered to the alumni, where they enjoyed some food and caught up with their old friends.

“Midwood used to be two buildings when I was in high school,” said Steven Kussin, one of the ten alumni who planned the reunion. “Freshmen had to go to one building and the upper men had to go to another.”

The transition from freshmen year to sophomore year was chaotic. The freshmen went to school avenues away from the main building on Bedford road and then moved to the main building for sophomore, junior, and senior year.

“We had a dress code where girls wore skirts all year round and boys wore pants,” said Neil Kerman, an alumni. “Jeans, called dungarees back in the days, were not allowed to be worn.”

Now, students are allowed to wear whatever they feel comfortable in as long it’s appropriate for school.

Back in 1965, Midwood used to be an almost all white school. It consisted of mostly Jewish and Italians people, with only two dozen African American students and four Asian American students.

“The neighborhood used to consist of mostly White people,” said Susan Schwartz Jacobs, a former Argus feature editor. “Now it’s much more diverse which is great.”

Cleveland Thornhill, one of the few African Americans at the reunion, said “Midwood prepared me for the future. It was a good experience now that I looked back at it. It was a foundation.”

After an hour of catching up with each other, they proceeded to the auditorium where Principal McDonnell presented himself, followed by a short scene from “Grease” by the Midwood Drama class.

“The short part from Grease reminds me of SING back in the day,” said Ben Bernstein, the star of SING during his years in high school . “The boys chorus was amazing as well as the girls chorus. ”

The alumni then broke into groups and followed student volunteers around the school for a tour, which triggered memories and awe from the changes.

“It’s a wonderful thing to come back and see what changes have occurred and the technology Midwood has moved up to” said Bob Bruckner, also one of the alumni who planned the reunion. “Midwood has always been a pioneer on that front.”

The political events occurring during that time period also affected the students and teachers greatly. John F. Kennedy’s death and the Vietnam War left lasting impacts on their lives.

“After the Korean War, everything was simple and then our president was shot dead,” said Harris M. Sarney, the president of the Midwood High School Alumni Association and a former teacher. “The Vietnam War was also going on and the students were forced to confront realities that had not been of their concern. School became a place where they felt secure.”

Mr. Sarney advised “Make the most of yourself that you can. Learn as much as you can. Treasure these days you have together and remember Midwood High School.”

Former Hornets reminisce on their time together.
Former Hornets reminisce on their time together.

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