AP Teacher Helps Students

By Kevin Platonov ’16

Inspired by his own chemistry teacher in high school, Mr. Cameron Jahn has been teaching in Midwood for 11 years. Mr. Jahn is currently an AP Chemistry teacher and the coach of the Mechatronics team.

Mr. Jahn was born in Germany, then he and his family moved to Alaska where he lived during his freshman year to senior year in high school. There is where he found his love for teaching.

“I wanted to be a teacher since I was in high school,” said Mr. Jahn. “My high school chemistry teacher was one of the reasons I wanted to teach chemistry.”

Mr. Jahn later gained his Bachelors degree in Chemistry and a Masters in teaching. He received his first teaching job at Midwood high school as a regents chemistry teacher, later getting the job as an AP Chemistry teacher.

“The school needed an AP Chemistry teacher, so they asked me,” said Mr. Jahn.

Mr. Jahn taught many subjects at Midwood. Not only does he currently teach AP Chemistry and mechatronics, he previously taught regents chemistry, conceptual physics, and research methods.

Mr. Jahn feels little pressure teaching an AP since he teaches everything he is supposed to teach and makes sure everyone understands the subject.

Mr. Jahn tells his students, “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink it.” This means Mr. Jahn gives everyone the opportunity to succeed, but he can’t force them if they do not want it.

“Overall, Mr. Jahn is a great teacher. He always tries his best to explain the content,” said Abbosbek Adxamov ’16, an AP Chemistry student of Mr. Jahn. “I also like his teaching strategy because we get to fix our own mistakes in our groups which really helps me understand.”

Diana Polonska ’16, another AP Chemistry student of Mr. Jahn, said “He tries to keep the classroom atmosphere light, as well as focused on the material that needs to be learned. I like that he turns a difficult class into a fun learning experience.”

Mr. Jahn feels it is rewarding when his old students come back from college to visit. He likes to see that they are succeeding and he appreciates being a part of a student’s college process. However, not every time can be a good experience.

“Anytime a student has potential to succeed but doesn’t isn’t a good experience for me,” said Mr. Jahn.

Mr. Jahn really pushes students to try their best. He also tries his best to help students who are struggling by explaining material as best as he possibly can.

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