Mrs. Peters Exits Hornets Stage

By Jadi Trumpet ’16

“Being in Midwood has taught me a lot and showed me how important it is trying to change students’ lives,” said Mrs. Joann Peters. Mrs. Peters, Assistant Principal of the Social Studies department, is planning to retire at the end of this semester. Being in Midwood and working with students for over 20 years Mrs. Peters has learned many things. She learned that you have to be patient to be in the teaching field, know how to talk to others, and most importantly listen. With mastering all three techniques, her job became second nature. The most exciting part of Mrs. Peters’ career was working with students. “All students are wonderful and I have learned a lot from them,” said Mrs. Peters. “Everyone has a voice and deserves to be heard.” While Mrs. Peters was teaching and being an assistant principal, she has seen many different kinds of kids. Throughout this experience, she can not find anything wrong with her students, she enjoys it so much. “The positive surpasses the negative in many different ways,” said Mrs. Peters. “The angry students are not really mad at the teacher, most likely something else is occurring in their life.” Mrs. Peters will miss coming into school to help colleagues find ways to teach students and helping kids with their future. “The only thing I would not miss about teaching and being an administrator is waking up at 4:15 a.m and the paperwork,” said Mrs. Peters jokingly. When retirement begins, Mrs. Peters plans to volunteer where her help is needed and spend more time with family. Even if Mrs. Peters is not in school leading a whole department, she says teaching will never stop. Earlier this year, Mrs. Peters received the NY State Supervisor Award for Outstanding Supervision in Social Studies. This honor highlights Mrs. Peters’s hard work and dedication to her department and her school.

Mrs. Peters has dedicated over 20 years to Midwood.
Mrs. Peters has dedicated over 20 years to Midwood.

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