Captive Lunch Frustrates Many

By Abbosbek Adxamov ’16

No matter how hard they try, many students just can’t get themselves to eat the gruesome school lunch; I don’t blame them. Some even go through the day without food because packing homemade lunch is such a hassle. The school should allow students to leave for lunch and come back, giving them some freedom.

Lunch is as essential part of the day, as breakfast. Food helps students focus better and not get distracted by the fact that their stomach is growling. If we were given a choice of leaving school for lunch, more of us would actually eat and think better.

“I eat school lunch sometimes but I prefer to go out afterschool to eat instead,” said Kelly Chen ’16. “Most of the time I don’t get lunch but when I do I’m more focused in class because I’m not thinking about how hungry I am.”

It is true that some will take advantage of this freedom and leave school for the rest of the day. The students aren’t under school supervision out of campus and so safety can become an issue. Parents trust the school with their kids and expect their child to come home safe after school.

“Our school policy is called Captive Lunch where students can’t leave until their school day is over,” said Assistant Principal, Mr. Franzese. “It’s there for a reason, for the safety and security of our students. It’s also to prevent students from cutting classes.”

One solution for taking care of the irresponsible kids who take advantage of this freedom is to set restrictions and rules. If anyone returns late or leaves school more than five times a year, then they should be banned from leaving school for lunch. Also, extended lunchtime should be allowed because it would take a longer time to leave school and come back.

“We should be allowed to leave because being forced to stay in school all day isn’t good for us,” said Rebecca Barbarovich ’17. “If we were allowed to leave school then not only could we eat food that we like instead of school lunch but we’d be able to get fresh air and not be stuck in a smelly building all day.”

  Another beneficial part of having lunch outside campus is that it teaches responsibility. We’ll all be out to college soon and responsibility is a huge part of being a college student. It would teach time management, accountability and would help academically in that the student will actually be able to eat and focus on school work.

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