Girls Tennis Team Stays Strong Despite Losses

By Zita Chau ’16

The Hornets tennis team stands proudly with hopes for future wins despite losing the last few games.

“We lost our last few games but I’m satisfied with the way they turned out,” said Marina Korovyanskaya ‘15.

Starting with the game against James Madison High School, second doubles, Eva Nashtatik’16 and Sabina Kahramonova ‘16, won 10-1. But the team still lost the game 1-4.

“The most memorable point of the game was when my partner and I scored our winning points,” said Nashtatik. “We both gave it our all and that’s what makes it so memorable.”

The next game was against Leon M. Goldstein High School every member had a close match, from first singles Korovyanskaya volleying a 9-11 to first doubles Alina Merkhassina ‘16 and Lia Gikashvili ‘16 scoring an 8-10. However, the team still lost 1-4.

“This season we really understood the importance of consistency against the schools,” Korovyanskaya said “I think that will greatly help everyone prepare for the next season.”

After the game against Leon Goldstein, the tennis team had their last game of the season before playoffs against Brooklyn Tech High School. Second doubles, Alexandra Angert ‘18 and Kahramonova, had a really close match of 9-11. But, the team lost again with a score of 1-4.

Tennis coach, Mr. Anthony Odita said that the members should improve their consistency, control of the ball, and agility, to get a better game experience when playing on the court.

“Even though this season came with rocky beginnings, we came out strong,” Nicole Kovmir ‘16 said “This season was exciting and the whole team was able to learn even more.”

The team will be playing playoffs starting on May 11 against teams across NYC. The tennis team will strive hard to end the season with victory.

Hornet serves it up on the tennis court.
Hornet serves it up on the tennis court.

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