Girls Lacrosse Falls Short in Playoffs

By Raquel Florez ’16 and Adela Julevic ’16

With an 8-8 standing, Girls Varsity Lacrosse confronted obstacles and rivalries with a slower pace than usual but made it to playoffs.

It began when the team was taken aback by the news of fellow player Erica Antoine ’15. Antoine suffered a stroke and fell into an induced coma. Although she is recuperating, her absence takes a toll on the players.

“This season was pretty tough with Erica not here; I feel like it bummed everyone out,” said Kyra Haly ’16. “But through each game, we remembered her and her spirit provided us with the motivation we needed. Everyone tried their hardest and no matter what the scores show, this season was a battle we’ll never forget.”

Each game this season was dedicated to Antoine, #15. A line-up of all team members commemorating Antoine with 15 seconds of silence on the 15-yard line resulted in a joyous chant that motivated and uplifted the players.

“Everybody say Erica, keep it going! She loves lacrosse so you know it’s…” started the lacrosse parody of the viral video of students chanting the word sausage.

“Erica!” The team shouted at the cue of Feyisola Soetan ’15.

“You hear the word zesty so you know you’re hearing….”


“You see the number 15, so you know you’re seeing…”


“Erica, Erica, Erica, Erica!”


Although there was a round effort to win and end the season as the top team for playoffs, some opponents capitalized on the girls’ mistakes, resulting in eight loses.

“It was lack of possession,” Coach Michael Giordano often said after loses. He stressed that possession, getting ground balls, and spacing on offense were key to winning.

Other opponents, however, struggled when defense remained strong and intimidating causing turnovers and poor shot selection at Germanie Gabin ’15, senior goalie. Gabin stepped to the ball, making 103 saves. Offensive players and Midfielders were then able to ride the ball up to the opposing side. Strategic plays and quick stick gave rise to the eight games that were won.

Tottenville, rival team, has won championships for the past three years. They bashed through teams, making double-digit scores, and won against our girls 12-5 in the regular season.

During the half time against Brooklyn Technical High School on May 1, where Tech was in the lead 4-3, the senior ceremony was held for both teams.

Non-seniors lined up parallel each other and joined their sticks to create a tunnel. The seniors ran through and were each given a rose to celebrate and honor their time on the team.

The Hornets took away with their eighth win at the final game of the season against Bronx Science on May 6. A score of 8-6 led by Monica Riskevich ’15. She was the highlight player the regular season and made the most of her last practices and games. She was renowned for the most shots and scores on goal during any season.

Smart plays and the disqualification of two teams allowed the Hornets to make it to playoffs in tenth place out of 16.

This was the third year that Girls Varsity Lacrosse made it to playoffs, but the outcome seemed rather unpredictable.

Previously losing to Columbus in the regular season the girls reunited with them in the first round of playoffs. They played an impressive game, sending their opponent home with a score of 7-3.

The game that finished the Hornets’ run in playoffs was against Curtis. After a treacherous and heartfelt game, where the fight for ground balls and the anxiety to score, Curtis came out with an 8-4 score.

“This season has been a roller coaster and as a four year player it was even more emotional for me,” said Melody Wallace ’15. “I got home and didn’t want to take off my jersey. Regardless we had an amazing season, we surpassed the expectations set for us.”

Dajana Reci ’15 scored the first goal in the game against curtis
Dajana Reci ’15 scored the first goal in the game against curtis

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