Girls Handball Stings Opponents

By Annie Chen ’16

Hornets demolished Studio in handball in an away game on April 24 with 5-0.

Holly Lin ’16, Hornet’s supporter said, “This game isn’t as difficult as other schools but the seven starters should still put effort.”

After an hour of practicing together, third singles, Nancy Li ’15, started first. Li verse Klesta Cala ’17. A crowd hovered around the game and cheered both opponents.

“During the game I felt frustrated because I knew I wasn’t doing my best,” Li explained. “But I called in time-outs and drank water which helped me get back up.”

As third single continued her game, first doubles started; Lily Kyi ’16 and Jephany Zhen ’16 had a rival with  Yu Qing Liu ’18 and Cam Linh Ngo ’18. Two doubles warmed up with each other by playing a 5 point warm up game.

Kyi said, “It’s always a pleasure playing with Studio since it’s not that pressuring or overwhelming.”

Ending with a complete slaughter, Hornet’s doubles won 21-1 which started off a nice path for the games.

A Hornet supporter, Caddie Lai ’18 said that third single’s game was intense and it latched her to watch on  since she hasn’t seen someone from Studio catch up so quick.

Finally, third single ended with a rough game of 21-17, and Li felt that her opponent was definitely challenging. “I could’ve gotten better results if I played like how I did during practice and not panicked when my opponent caught up,” she said.

The head coach, Jeff Williams said, “It’s hard seeing the girls panic when they miss a few shots. But if they just stay on their toes and relax, every shot they receive will be as light as a feather for them.”

Hornets were in the lead, winning 2-0.

Second doubles came in the play with Annie Chen ’16 and Tingting Fang ’16 who competed with Brianna Bilboa ’18 and Nicole Calle ’18.

“It is hard to play when a crowd is behind you since you start to get distracted,” emphasized Fang. “Even with a loud background, I was still able to hit the ball with no hesitation  and that helped us win.”

With another defeat  second doubles conquered Studio, who were left on 2.

The last two games are first single, Melanie Garate ’15 and second single, Jessenia Garate ’15 who faced Studio’s first single, Karen Liang ’15 and second single, Altynai Eshimbaeva ’18.

J. Garate  said, “Even when my opponent was injured, she still played like a trooper and I respect that!”

After ending their games, M. Garate scored 21-1 and J.Garate scored 21-9. Hornets and Studio lined up and shook hands, Williams called the team in and congratulated every single player.

“It’s a remarkable feeling seeing the girls win and having a smile on their faces when we have a group talk. I’m very proud of them,” said Williams.

After vanquishing Studio 5-0, The Hornets will be having three more matches, then they’ll be buzzing off to the playoffs!

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