Boys Volleyball Ends Regular Season Strong

By Bartosz Zyskowski ’16

Disclaimer Bartosz Zyskowski is a part of the Midwood Boys Volleyball Team

Ending the season with a respected 8-2 record, the boys’ volleyball team is ready for anything the playoffs have to throw at them.

The Hornets ended the season in second place only behind top three seed in the city, Brooklyn Tech, and without starting setter Zhivko Emitov. He had twisted his ankle in a scrimmage against New Utrecht High School the day before the big game against Tech on April 30. Coach Concetta Licitra, however, believed the team could pull through the misfortune.

“It was tough, but I knew we could fill in the void of Zhivko hurting his ankle,” said Ms.Licictra, “but the most difficult job was convincing the team that we were going to be okay, that we are not a one person team, that we can fill that void and elevate our game and we did as we showed it when we played Brooklyn Tech for sure.”

The game determined who would take first place in the Brooklyn A North Division that includes both teams as well as the likes of Edward R. Murrow, Harry Van Arsdale, Grand Street, and Thomas Jefferson.

“I’ve never been so proud after losing a game.”

Without their starting setter Midwood lost the first set by an embarrassing score of 9-25 and just as everyone thought it was going to be an easy victory for Brooklyn Tech they found they were mistaken. Midwood showed passion and determination and came back to win the second set 25-22. Then arrived the third set and after point by point score line the Hornets lost the final set 23-25 and the final game 2-1.

No one denied the will and the spirit that the team showed as cheers and applause went around the Midwood gym. The boys knew they played a great game against one of the best schools in the city.

Ms.Licitra said, “I’ve never been so proud after losing a game.”

“We played with a lot of passion and with a lot of heart, we lost the first set 25-9 and most teams would just fall apart after something like that and just lose the second set but we came back and won the second set,” Ms.Licitra said. “And it was a heartbreaker when we ended up losing the third set but it was really close and we played with a lot of heart.”

Now all the focus is on the playoffs, and the players couldn’t be more excited as they know what they have to do to go far.

“Playoffs are all it’s about and it is what we have been working for since day one,” said captain Snigdho Hasan ’16.  “As of now, our biggest problem is finishing off. But I believe we can overcome that by playing together. We’re really excited and definitely looking forward to it. If we are successful in playing good and consistent volleyball, we will definitely get a good outcome.”

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