GLAX Strives to Improve

By Keturah Raymond ’15

After four devastating losses, the girl’s lacrosse team is going into the second half of their season with a new resolve and a goal to finish better than they started.

After blowing out Abraham Lincoln High School 0-14 they went on the following week to face Benjamin Cardozo and Christopher Columbus, the grueling matches ending with scores of 6-9 and 6-10 respectively. Going into the spring break with two consecutive losses under their belt was a wake up call for the girls and it proved to be as they came back with more energy and spirit ready to dominate.

On April 13 they played Frederick Douglass Academy, turning the tides in the second half and taking a win. By the end of the first half the score was 5-7 with FDA in the lead, the girls would not settle for another loss and went on to shut out the other team, out scoring them in the second half 5-1.

The next game versus Beach Channel amounted to another win for the girls. They held control for the entire game, dominating ground balls and draws from the start. Even allowing for new sticks to touch the field, the girls left the Queens High School with another win of 12-7. Heads held high the girls went on to face their toughest opponent and long time rival, Tottenville High School.

The jitters were high as they stepped on the field facing the team they have had a record with in semi finals for the last few years but there was also a sense of confidence. They beat them last year and believed they could make it happen again. The game was brutal but they put up a good fight, the score not reflective of the battle the girls took another loss at 5-12.

This game marked the halfway point through the season, with 8 games played and 8 to go they were 5-3 and determined to change their season around.

“I always strive for more, it’s my lacrosse season and I want to make it count as much as I can,” said Monica Riskevich ’15. “To help my team win as many games as they can this season.”

The following Monday they faced Fort Hamilton, a team that had taken a huge loss to Midwood in the beginning of the season and sought revenge. And revenge was what they got. A close game, it ended 9-10 with a hornet loss.

The girl’s have faced a difficult start to the season so far but with their hearts set on a higher goal they intend to turn their season around and go back to their style of lacrosse, smart playing resulting in wins and a successful season. Midwood lacrosse.

“We’re definitely headed in a positive direction,” said Carrie Walker ’15. “We’ve had some bumps in the road but we are making improvement.”

Kelsie Gallego ’16 contributed to this article

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