Annual College Trip Prepares Hornets

By Tyler Yong ’16 and Chris Lee ‘16

College is an important step students take after high school, and the Midwood football team got a head start on the visits on their annual college trip. The college trip introduces student-athletes to the campus vibe. It also allows the student-athletes, especially the seniors, to meet the coaches and make an impression. College trips are very important because many students do not have time or money to visit several colleges at once. This year, Midwood football team went to Ithaca, Cornell, Cortland, Morrisville, and Utica.

According to Anthony Odita, head coach of the varsity football team, the college trip is a great experience because the students have an opportunity to see and experience the college life.

The annual college trip can help students figure out what they like and dislike about certain colleges and universities. The college trip displays the different types of atmospheres off and on college campus.

Jonathan Raysor ’16 said, “ I really like Utica’s cybersecurity program, and it seems like a pretty good college.”

On the college trip students saw the different types of recreational centers, football stadiums, practice fields, weight room, classes, dorms, and libraries. The team was intrigued by the new surroundings, and many of the players compared college life to high school life and were mesmerized by the size and the freedom of college.

“When I am applying for colleges, I will have these colleges in the back of my mind,” said Nicolas Richards’16.

Many schools spend a lot of money on their sports facilities and campus. They also have advanced technology in most of their classrooms. Most of the colleges have a low ratio of students and professors. In Morrisville and Utica, the classroom size is 11:1 with students and professors. Utica and Ithaca also have large stock rooms where students can learn the work ethics of stock trade. Cortland just recently built a new recreational facility in which they have a large olympic swimming pool with a lazy river and hot tub. They also have track lanes all around the recreational center on the second floor, and a piece of crossfit equipment called an octagon, the first in the United States. They also have over 70 treadmills and a Bod Pod which is used to measure the body’s BMI. Many of the colleges offer a wide variety of majors and minors.

The college trips are not only based on athletics, but also the academics that different schools have to offer. Many of the student-athletes are introduced to nine different colleges before their senior year, allowing them to start thinking about which college they would like to attend.

The football team experienced a one and a lifetime chance of going to a college visit.

Football team visits Cornell’s weightroom.
Football team visits Cornell’s weightroom.

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