JustJAKE.us Creates New Opportunities

By Victoria Cheng ’16

Here to help teens get easy access to programs beneficial to their academic career, a website called JustJAKE.us provides resources for programs, volunteer jobs, and internships for young people in fields like music, art, science and physical education. JustJAKE.us is a website that gathers programs that would help teens contribute to the society and help them get ready for college, making it easier for teens during their search. The programs vary from an internship in a law office to volunteer work with children in afterschool programs, providing a wide range of fields for a wide range of interests. On the far right of its page, there are options for “programs”, “internships” and “volunteer work.” Each link leads to different programs within that category. By clicking on the program’s link, the website shows its information, such as the price, address, contact information its website and a description of the program. The website also allows program directors and small businesses to add their program into the website’s database after it is reviewed by its staff. Justin Broomfield ’15 created the idea of JustJAKE along with three other teens: Alan Cao ’15 of Stuyvesant High School, Kristin Cour ’15 of Townsend Harris High School and Eudeirys Espinal ’15 of Queens Vocational and Technical High School, in the M3 Accelerator program of an organization called the Learning Curve. The M3 Accelerator is a thirty-day program in the summer in which a group of teens and a mentor innovate something from scratch. The Learning Curve has programs to teach teens skills like entrepreneurship, computer programming, engineering, design and business. After the program ended, Broomfield and his partners decided to make their idea into a reality and began designing the website during the summer. “We were working on different prototypes and we had to go to advisors to see if this is something they would use and other kids to see if this is something they would use,” said Broomfield. Making its debut in a TeenTech event at Microsoft, JustJAKE became up and running in February. Continuing with their work into the school year, they balance schoolwork and the website, adding programs whenever possible. Though at its first stages of development, the website is a working progress predicted to mature within a year. “Our vision is to create a site where a teen can log in, search for programs through our database and apply through it,” said Broomfield. “It would basically be like the Common app, where you fill out one application and if you want to apply to something, you just click apply and you would already have your application there rather than you having to sign up for each program.” Deriving its name from theirs, the partners came up with the “JAKE” part of JustJAKE from the first initials of all their first names. The “just” part stands for a website “just” for the team and thus combining the two parts to form JustJAKE. “Working on this took months and it took a lot of time,” said Broomfield. “And once I actually did it, I was so proud of myself, and so was the team, because not many teens can say they did something like this.”

justJAKE is a startup created by four seniors.
justJAKE is a startup created by four seniors.

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