Cycling Club Helps Students Stay Active

By Adela Julevic ’16

Peddle your way into spring with the cycling club. Prepare for bike rides through the city, a hike, and a mountain bike session.

“The club is just a joy to participate in,” said Joshua Katz ’17. “It’s an easy and fun way to stay active.”

Mr. Michael Dowd, along with a group of avid cyclists, established the club in the fall of 2011. The club meetings consisted of watching bike movies and listening to lectures about the way bikes work before they found Bike New York.

Ms. Margaret Murphy, Ms. Angelique Alexander, Ms. Shaniece Mosely, Mr. Howard Spergel, and Mr. Eugene Resnick have been a great help in chaperoning the rides and hikes said Mr. Dowd.

Bike New York is a non-profit organization that aims to teach people of all ages how to bike safely.

The club consists of two groups, the juniors and seniors in one and the freshman and sophomores.

The junior-senior group meets on Thursdays, and the freshman-sophomore group meets on Wednesdays after tenth period.

Experience isn’t needed since the instructors teach you how to ride a bike before the group starts biking.

Although no experience is needed to join, commitment is required. Members must be committed to participate for five weeks.

“I joined cycling club my junior year and it was honestly the best decision I made,” said Amanita Funaro ’16. “You get to learn all the rules there are about biking in the street which is handy to New York City kids who want to travel by bike. It was a great experience biking in the street and being in a safe, comfortable, and fun environment.”

In addition to bike riding around the city, there will also be a hike and a mountain biking session. Club members also volunteer at bike tours around the city and help hand out refreshments to participants.

Students who have participated in the club have learned how to ride properly and safely and some have become avid cyclists and work with bike organizations.

“The club offered me an experience to take apart bikes and influenced me to help teach children how to ride bikes. Overall, it was a great experience,” said Aiden Rodriguez ’16.

Bikes, helmets, and water will be supplied at each meet at Brooklyn Bridge Park. The ride is about two hours long around the city. The exact dates and times of the club meets, hike, and mountain biking trip have yet to be determined.

Cycling Club biked through mountainous terrain.
Cycling Club biked through mountainous terrain.

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