Cycling Club Alumna Bikes While She Works

By Nahian Chowdhury ’16

While most people spend their workdays cooped up in cubicles and offices, Alisha Bunting ’14 gets to enjoy sunlight and blue skies on a daily basis.

Bunting currently works as a bike messenger for a company called Wunwun. Wunwun is a startup which allows people to order merchandise through an app and have the items delivered. The company has locations in San Francisco and New York. All deliveries are made via bicycle.

Bunting developed an interest in biking during her junior and senior years, when she participated in the cycling club.

“When I met her she didn’t even own a bike, but by the time she was a senior, she was biking to school all the way from Canarsie, then biking to Manhattan to her after-school job and then biking home to Canarsie,” said Mr. Michael Dowd, the facilitator of the cycling club.

He soon recommended that Bunting apply for a summer internship at Transportation Alternatives, an organization which promotes using environmental friendly means of transportation and pedestrian safety.

Bunting said, “I did such an amazing job, I was hired as Assistant Field Coordinator and worked there for the next two years. My job consisted of going to bike related events, managing social media, community board meetings, lobbying, and petitioning for safer streets.”

The staff at Transportation Alternatives was quite amazed at Bunting’s work and how well she was doing.

Mr. Dowd said, “A few weeks after she started working at TA, the Deputy Director sent me an email telling me what a great job she was doing. I wasn’t surprised. She’s a really fun and enthusiastic person and has the perfect personality for a job that involves working with the public.”

Bunting also participated on a panel at the Youth Bike Summit with Mr. Dowd and another student. The panel discussed how to set up cycling clubs at school.

After she graduated Midwood, Bunting turned her passion of biking into a job. On a day to day basis, she rides her bike around the city and when an order arrives near her location, she retrieves, then delivers it to the customer.

aaa cycling club
Alisha Bunting is currently a bike messenger

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