College Now Classes Offered During Summer

By Xiao Ying Huang ’16

Make your summer count! College Now classes provide opportunities for students to earn high school or college credit during the summer.

College Now courses are taken in a nearby college campus and are taught by college professors. Midwood is partnered with Brooklyn College, so students who apply for these courses will be taking the class in the Brooklyn College campus.

This summer, for the first time, Brooklyn College is offering a college-credit course during the summer. The pre-calculus course allows juniors who are currently in Algebra 2/Trigonometry to take Advanced Placement (AP) Calculus or some form of calculus as a senior. In addition, it awards passing students with three college credits.

“We’ve been trying to get this relationship with Brooklyn College established for a long time for this course,” said Ms. Patricia Lazo, Assistant Principal of the Math Department. “This is the first time we’ve been able to do so.” 

The pre-calculus course is offered as an equivalent to a full year of pre-calculus in the school. In only six weeks, the course will be fast paced and rigorous, preparing students for the main topics needed before taking calculus.

“I look forward to meeting the professor,” said Jocelyn Chen ’16. “I also anticipate learning important math skills from his/her teaching style.”

According to Ms. Lazo, students should prepare by forming study groups, preparing for a heavy workload and overall being motivated for the class. Students who pass this course will become stronger candidates for AP Calculus.

“I plan on reviewing my previous notes and learning about some of the topics we might learn in preparation for the class,” said Kelly Yuen ’16.

Other than the pre-calculus course, Brooklyn College is also offering three high school credit courses: Bridges to Computing, Aquatic Research and Environmental Assessment Center (AREAC) Marine Ecology Institute, and Community Roots. Unlike the pre-calculus course, these courses are similar to electives that are given in the school.

According to the College Now office at Brooklyn College, the AREAC Marine Ecology Institute has four planned trips for the course that include Jamaica Bay, Coney Island Aquarium, and two others. In these trips, students would be near and in the water where they would be able to make observations and perform experiments.

The Bridges to Computing class students will gain hands-on experience and understand on components of a robot, the hardware of a computer, and web game design.

“My favorite topic of the course was the robots,” said Melissa Liu ’17, who took Bridges to Computing. “When I finally made it move, I felt a sense of accomplishment.”

Community Roots students will learn to plant, harvest, and cultivate soil by going to visiting one of the gardens every day and a farm in Upstate New York. Towards the end of the course, students will kayak near Floyd Bennett Field.

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