Alumna Achieves Great Success

By Victoria Cheng ’16

It was the year 1976 when Laura Carrington walked out the doors of Midwood with her graduation diploma and stepped into the world of theater on her path to become a renowned actress. While in Midwood, Mrs. Carrington participated in her junior and senior year SING productions and took home the trophies for both of the productions. Aside from SING, she also competed on the debate team in the Dramatic Interpretation category, maturing her public speaking skills. “Midwood High School and performing in SING nurtured a strong ‘confidence’ to be the best that I could be,” Mrs. Carrington said. “Like a big extended family, Midwood’s teachers, administration and staff were loving, supportive educators and friends.” After high school, Mrs.Carrington went on to college as a pre-medical major to fulfill her parents’ wishes but soon changed to a theater major after coming to the realization that becoming a doctor wasn’t her calling. Throughout college, she continued to feature in productions and in her last year of college, she was cast for her first commercial. From there on, Mrs. Carrington tackled each commercial one by one, slowly building her career. “Each and every performance, audition, speaking engagement or interview leaves a lasting memory of having done something new that I may never get a chance to do again,” Mrs. Carrington said. “I guess that’s why I love acting. There’s always a challenge.” Her most memorable work was in the music video for Lionel Richie’s song “Hello”. In the music video, she played a blind student who had fallen in love with her professor while the professor felt the same about her. At the end of the video, Mrs. Carrington expresses her love by sculpting a bust of what she thinks he looks like. “No other applicants were in the waiting area on that grey and rainy day when I went into an audition space set up like a living room to ‘pretend to be blind’,” Mrs.Carrington said. “I didn’t have any hyper excitement over what would be the ‘instant recognition’ on the street and the world-wide exposure that would follow my unassumingly landing that coveted part. I was just there to give it my best shot, never thinking it would be the day that changed my life.” After shooting that video, Mrs. Carrington rose to fame, even starring in the popular soap opera General Hospital, which is still ongoing. Soon after her rise to fame, she married Photographer Anthony Barboza, whom she had met at a photo shoot. With him, she had three children and dedicated her time to becoming a full-time mother, thus leaving the acting scene. Now, after sending off all her children to college, the actress is officially an empty-nester and is beginning to start up her career again. She is currently holding acting classes in Hofstra University, helping young children with their speaking skills and confidence. “Perform because you love doing it and want to share your talent,” Mrs. Carrington said. “Perform in different venues for different people. Learn to find the truth in the character that you’re portraying and love touching the hearts of others with that truth. Keep it real and stay grounded.”

Carrington was president of the debate team and secretary of Arista/Archon
Carrington was president of the debate team and secretary of Arista/Archon

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